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Better Branding: 3 Common Design Disasters Your Business Can Avoid

November 14, 2017

Design is an integral part of building your brand. Your business will use design everywhere, including its website, its marketing materials, and its store, if it’s going to have a physical location. Your design will create the first impression customers form of your brand, and you certainly don’t want them to develop a negative view before they’ve learned about your business. Many business owners end up making poor design choices that have lasting repercussions on their businesses. Here are three of the most common design mistakes that your business can avoid.

Poor Lighting

When it comes to your store’s lighting, it’s about more than just whether people can see your products. You need to consider what color and level of light will present your products most effectively, and that will vary depending on the product. For example, the optimal type of lighting will be much different for women’s apparel than it will for kitchen appliances. And the last thing you want is your inventory of high-quality products illuminated by cheap lighting that detracts from their visual appeal.

Cheap Logo Design

Logo design is a much more intricate process than many business owners realize, and there’s a considerable difference in quality between a budget logo designer and a professional design firm. The budget designer will whip up an amateurish design that may not fit your business and could be stealing copyrighted materials. A professional design firm like Arc and Co. evaluates your business and the brand you’re building to create a logo that matches your vision.

An Overly Flashy Website

With everything that can be done in web design, it’s easy to get caught up in style over substance. That’s why it’s important to step back and consider it from the customer’s perspective. A flashy website with a parallax slider and other fancy design elements may look nice, but it could also be more difficult to navigate and take longer to load, resulting in a higher bounce rate. And those design elements don’t always look good on mobile devices, which will likely account for a large portion of your traffic.

Whether you love design or you just want to get it over with, it can make or break your business. A professional design firm can be a worthwhile investment to ensure that your business has a great design that fits the brand you’re working so hard to build.

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