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Better Ways To Save Money On Your Next Business Trip

December 21, 2015

Business trips are an important way to reach your company goals and objectives while keeping an eye on your auxiliary locations. However, regular business trips can quickly add up, so here are three ways to save money on your business travel and keep things under budget.

Frequent Flyer Points

Business travelers who frequently make a lot of regular trips should consider signing up for a loyalty or rewards program. This is especially true for companies with many employees who regularly travel. When a business hands out corporate credit cards to their employees, they will quickly amass a large amount of points in a short time. These points can be used to reward high performing employees. Most major airlines offer their own credit card reward programs. This includes United’s MileagePlus Explorer, Delta’s SkyMiles, American Express and Southwest’s Rapid Rewards credit card. Alternatively, most major credit card companies also offer cards that are designed for frequent travelers.

Stay Flexible

Most business travelers assume major airport hubs will have a better quality of service and reliability. However, as airports grow larger, so does the traffic and congestion level. This naturally increases wait times and contributes to delays. Keep in mind that many travelers actually go out of their way past a local airport to access a major airport that is far away, which just adds more driving and waiting time. Local airports may not have a first class lounge or name brand shops, but they will offer speedy and efficient service without the lines or hassle. On the other hand, the price difference between a first class and economy seating can be hundreds to even a thousand dollars. For long flights or immediate needs, flying first class makes sense. However, regular business trips simply need the most affordable and comfortable option available.

Online Discounts

Since most traveling arrangements are made online, companies understand that online coupons and discounts are a great way to attract consumers. In fact, most companies are very aware of the fact that online consumers tend to be more savvy and selective when it comes to their purchases. Most will offer excellent deals to remain competitive. For example, coupons from Travelocity are available ad discountrue and are an easy way to secure affordable hotel and transportation services from name brand organizations.

Overall, business travelers should use the right credit cards and remain flexible through using local airports or downgrading their ticket. When you are a savvy spender and traveler, your all around business expenses can go down as well.

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