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Bold Colors For Your Kitchen

By M.B.
December 21, 2015

When we think about renovating our kitchen, we mostly stick to some standard choices when it comes to colors. We usually don’t go a lot further than the classic choices of monochromatic surfaces, or something similar. But, when you start looking into all the different options and when you start thinking outside your comfort zone, you will see that the most beautifully decorated kitchens are colors and decorated in unusual ways.

Whether your style choice is rustic or minimalist, or something completely different, the ideas for your kitchen colors can range from unaccented grays to bold reds.

Metallic Shades

If you want to add a little glamour to your kitchen, it’s easier than you think really. Metallic accents in the form of copper, silver or brass don’t have to be very expensive, and they will definitely give a uniqueness to your space. Brass has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and not only in the kitchen, but in the entire home. If you add a few accessories in the same style, the effect in your kitchen will surprise you.

Lighting is another way that will give a spark to your kitchen. Copper chandeliers or processed metal chandeliers above working surfaces will create an ideal focus point in a seemingly ordinary space. If you’re willing to go a little further, metallic plates in golden or silver shades will make your kitchen even more beautiful.

Bold and Light Combinations

If you bring in a few strong colors in your kitchen in the right way, you can get the ideal results. Strong color pallets like turquoise, orange, or yellow with gray, even red and white, can give you many options and creative combinations. This is the perfect way to put your personality on your walls, as well as combining your favorite colors in one space.

If you like white kitchen cabinets, create a contrast for them, with very bold colors and transform the entire space. This contrasting will create amazing things in your kitchen. The contrasting details should not be too large, but they shouldn’t be small either. You can basically add them through anything you like, depending on your personal taste, there’s no different if it’s with the use contrast colored window blinds or chairs, or something completely different.

Accessories in these colors also work very well. Bold chairs, windows or accessories can inspire new life in your kitchen, while leaving enough space and money for changing colors in the future.


Gray has been a bit overused lately, but it’s still a great colors for your space. It’s always elegant and pure, and it works very well with wooden or white elements, which is something you find in a lot of kitchens. Gray works best used on a large scale, on larger surfaces, rather than on small accessories.

To make your kitchen truly elegant, add details in the form of polished chrome, brass or textured wood.

We really hope these ideas have helped and inspired you in your kitchen decoration project. These colors can definitely do a lot for your space and we encourage you to try them.

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