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Booming Business: 3 Ways To Manage Moving More Merchandise

March 30, 2017

Nothing feels better to a retail establishment than moving more merchandise and improving sales figures. However, a sudden or unexpected boom in business can also create headaches for a company that is not prepared for additional inventory storage, management, shipping, and all the paperwork that goes with it. Whether you operate a chain of brick-and-mortar retail shops or a one-person e-commerce shop from your kitchen table, managing merchandise turnover requires extra consideration.

Go Digital With Inventory and Sales Management

Smaller retail shops and e-commerce businesses may lag behind in technological advancements in merchandise and order management. Explore all-in-one software applications that integrate taking orders with inventory counts so you automatically know when supplies dwindle and new wholesale orders need processing. These can also analyze trends so you always know what your hottest products are and can plan accordingly.

Streamline Shipping and Receiving

Integrate shipping costs and processing with the inventory and order management systems. Research options from the US Postal Service and private services like UPS, FedEx, and more before deciding on which to offer customers. Trucking companies that handle full loads, pallets, and case lots could be more economical options.

Although it may not give the least expensive option, using only one service can make booming sales easier to handle and less time-consuming. In the case of lost packages or shipping delays, it also minimizes the contacts you need to keep in touch with.

Consider a Professional Logistics Service

Even the smallest retail company could benefit from a strong logistics service on its side. One major benefit is inventory storage and management. Warehouse space can cut into profits if rented privately. Sole proprietorships run from home simply do not have the space to store well-organized products to keep up with demand. They may not have the volume, even during the busy season, to get shipping or bulk discounts on packaging.

A logistics company like First Star Logistics ships and receives wholesale shipments for you, stores and manages inventory, and facilitates delivery to other locations. The best part of using one for either temporary or permanent assistance is that you can access the data at any time using a mobile device or computer. This keeps your business in the know at any moment about shipping progress or inventory management.

Establish a system for simpler merchandise management before business takes off and leaves you unprepared for the new surge in orders. With proper inventory storage, tracking software, and logistics help, your booming business can continue to grow in profits without introducing new headaches as your retail profits improve.

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