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Breaking Taboos About Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

October 26, 2015

The feeling of not being happy about your body is not uncommon, and more often than not is one of the things the modern humankind faces with on a daily basis. Ever since the dawning of time, since they could see the reflection of their face in water, people have been trying to make the best image of themselves, and to reach for immortality. Even though nobody managed to find the cure for mortality (yet!), people are on a good way of achieving at least one part of that goal – with plastic surgery. These are the most popular plastic surgeries people do.

The Most Performed Cosmetic Surgeries

In 2014, the top five cosmetic surgical procedures were breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and facelift, according to PlasticSurgery official data. What is curious about these data is that they declined when compared to 2013. For example, breast augmentation job was in slight decrease of 1%, which still does not make it a notable difference, but actually makes room for other types of surgery being in rise. Liposuction, for example, went up by 5% from 2013 and this only show the trend of people being more aware of the rest of their body, rather than just one area.

  • Breast augmentation – Also known as mammaplasty, this procedure is actually the enlarging of female breasts using implants. Breast augmentation is still at the top of the most frequently performed, even though it was in slight decline, according to Huffington Post. Surprisingly, the recovery period is very short – only a few days after the operation, even though the doctors recommend three weeks of recovery and avoidance of physical contact during the time.

  • Liposuction – This procedure involves removing excessive fat deposits stuck in your tummy or other parts of the body, using a tube which is inserted under the surface of your skin, in order to suck the fat using a vacuuming device. Even though the majority of patients are women, men are also seen having this procedure performed upon them.
  • Nose reshaping – Also known as rhinoplasty, this medical procedure means changing the size or shape of your nose, nostrils or the angle between the upper lift and the nose. The reasons behind this procedure being performed are various: ranging from purely medical (such as breathing problems or having a nasal sports injury), to aesthetical and socially-accepted (when the size or shape of the nose affects the person’s self-image and confidence). The recovery period is fairly short – it lasts up until three weeks and is performed on both men and women (almost equally).

  • Brow lift – Another procedure which is in rise is brow lift. Many celebrities are roumoured to have had it, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Al Pacino and Tori Amos. This procedure involves lifting drooping or hooded eyebrows upwards, opening the eyes up, thus making the face appear younger. Brow lift procedure is usually done with facelift or blepharoplasty, or as a stand-alone endoscopic treatment. The procedure is almost painless and it offers minimal recovery time (seven to ten days, or even earlier if endoscopic), which makes it one of the most favourite procedures among women.
  • Facelift – Facelift and eyelid surgery are the two procedures most commonly done on the face. Even though the name itself indicates such operation, facelift has got nothing to do with the lifting – it actually involves removal of excessive fat and tightening of muscles in the human face. It can be done on both face and the neck, and the recovery period lasts from ten days to almost a month. New trends in facelift include so called MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension), which is also known as meloplasty. It’s not as invasive as the traditional facelift and the scar left after the procedure is almost unnoticeable.
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