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Build A Better Backyard: Inspiring DIY Backyard Ideas

November 19, 2015

There is no better place for any keen DIY enthusiast to let his or her imagination run free than a backyard and its wide open space. However, even the best and most experienced of them sometimes simply lack inspiration to create something interesting and out of the ordinary that will not go unnoticed. If this is ever the case, here are four DIY ideas that will surely enrich any backyard.


It is not accidental that pergolas have been used as decorative garden elements for centuries. Not only do they provide aesthetic improvement to any backyard, enriched with climbing plant they come very handy during hot summer days. Their construction is fairly simple, four poles and a roof made solely of support and cross-beams, no roof cover and no walls. It needs to stay as open as possible in order not to close the backyard place. Naturally, the poles need to be anchored and protecting the wood with outdoor lacquer is recommended. Since a chainsaw will be used, make sure you follow all the required procedure.

Green Wall

Now, green walls are a very interesting project. Not only are they convenient to build, assemble to be more precise, they are very often the only opportunity for small space backyards to become a true garden. They are vertical constructions and this makes them highly functional and attractive and it is no wonder that renowned names in landscape design, such as Elmich, use green walls in their projects. They come in prefabricated panels that are assembled in cells called modules. The interior of each module is covered with liner, a casing for potting soil.  It is up to you how many modules will be used and whether they will be used as a standalone vertical structure or be hung on the wall, as well as what type of plants will be used. However, make sure you firmly tie them together, best with cable tiers since they are easily removed in case you wish to make any changes.


There is rarely a person in the world that does not like tree houses. The only requirement that a backyard needs to have is obviously a strong enough tree to welcome the house and its potential residents. There are tree houses without trees as well, but that would be a significantly different project. The easiest way to build a treehouse is to assemble its parts on the ground and put them together in a designated place. Most important notions are to use screws instead of nails since they provide a stronger bond, make sure the roof has a fall since this will improve longevity and usability, use glass alternatives for windows, they are safer for children and make sure the ladders are strong enough to withstand adult weight and frequent repetitive climbing. Also, consider providing electricity in case you wish to spend nights at your tree house as well, which is a unique summertime experience.    

Garden Markers

Garden markers are a very useful accessory for all those people who grow various types of vegetables in their backyard. This is a rather simple DIY project, but it is a great opportunity for your children to make their first DIY steps, naturally with your assistance. There are two easy and decorative ways to make garden markers. The first one would be to paint small rocks or pebbles into a type of fruit or vegetable that you are growing and the other would be to make small wooden signs consisting of poles and a sign itself, again corresponding to the type of plant. All you really need is some waterproof paint, pebbles or rocks, small wooden poles and signs and you are into a lot of fun.

As you can see, not all DIY projects have to be complicated in order to be fulfilling and functional. These four suggestions fall in various difficulty categories, from rather simple, via medium to semi professional. However, any that you choose will reward you with a nice addition to your backyard landscape.

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