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Build or Buy? 2 Paths to First-Time Small Business Ownership

March 5, 2019

If you have a strong desire to run your own business, you may eagerly be exploring the many options available to do so. In some cases, such as when you have general business experience, your possibilities may be open to running a business in a wide range of industries or niches. If you have specific and substantial experience in one niche area, it makes sense to focus your attention on what you know in many cases. In addition to determining what business activities you will complete, you also need to decide if you will start your own business or buy a business. A closer look at both options may tell you which idea is best for you.

Starting a Business from Scratch

When you start a business from the ground up, you may need a substantial amount of capital from the start. However, there are many ways to start a business on a shoestring budget, such as by running the business out of your home. You may have substantial leeway to mold the business as desired when you start your own business, but you may also face many risks and challenges. For example, a brand-new business does not have an established reputation or clientele. Every aspect of your business must be built up, and this can take a substantial amount of time, money and effort.

Buying a Business

Buying an existing business for sale or buying a franchise also require a substantial amount of up-front cash. However, some franchises are much more affordable to buy and operate than others. For example, buying a fast food restaurant franchise must cost much more than buying a dog grooming franchise that is run out of your house. In addition to franchises, you can buy an existing business, such as a small automotive business for sale. This type of business may have an established infrastructure, inventory, clientele and more.

As you can see, there are pros and cons associated with both options for launching a new small business. The reality is that there is no option that is clearly better for everyone. You must determine how much capital is available upfront as well as the type of industry that you want to work in and the amount of risk that you want to be exposed to. After doing so, you can begin exploring some of the many ideas in detail as you prepare to launch or buy your own small business soon.

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