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Business Storage Units – Making The Right Choice

By annap
June 29, 2016

Almost all businesses have physical storage requirements – these might just be for paper document archives but could also be for stock or seasonal equipment. Requirements could be short term, while the business is waiting to relocate to larger premises, for instance,. Alternatively the requirements could be longer term as, increasingly, many business keep costs down by only renting the premises they physically need day-to-day and storing what they don’t need off-site at a self storage facility. The proliferation of so many good self storage deals has made this a viable and cost-effective option.

There are many elements to consider whatever type of business storage you need: security, space, cost, location being just some of them. So let’s take a look in more details at the important factors.


Easy access is almost certainly a requirement for all businesses – you don’t want a fifty mile round trip to retrieve an item from storage. Don’t be tempted by cheaper options well away from your immediate locality unless the facility also offers collection and delivery at affordable rates.

Quality of the Facility

If you are storing paper document archives or valuable stock you don’t want to find it has been damaged by pests or condensation so check the general cleanliness of units, find out if they are located outdoors and, if so, are they climate controlled. There are plenty of good quality storage facilities that will protect your items so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one near to your business.

Expandable Space

If your company is growing then plan ahead now and choose a storage facility that has various size options to be sure they could accommodate your expected growth. Several smaller storage units will be more expensive than one larger one and will also make retrieval more time consuming if you don’t keep a detailed inventory of what is stored in each unit.


Don’t forget that if you plan to store long term that cheap headline rates can be misleading. Work out what it will cost you for a year and see if the headline rate is still as cheap as it initially sounds. Also look at additional charges such as locks, insurance and any incidental fees and charges, which can mount up.

Good Security

It is important to all businesses that their items ae kept secure so ask specifically about security measures such as controlled access (is there a barrier for example where all vehicles are checked before being admitted? Is there CCTV surveillance and if so would your unit(s) be located near a camera. Some facilities will have CCTV but only a few cameras so you don’t want your unit to be in a blackspot. Also look at locks, padlocks and the construction of the unit. There is no point investing in a high security lock, if the unit door itself has flimsy hinges that could easily be broken. Also check if security guards patrol the site and how the perimeter is secured, eg by barbed wire fencing or even electric fencing.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Certain items are always recommended to be stored in a climate controlled unit. Particularly items such as electronic equipment, paper documents, leather furniture, fabric and clothing.

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