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Buying A Car Always Starts With Good Intentions – Maintaining Them Is Important To The Value And Condition Of Your Vehicle.

November 27, 2015

Whenever we buy a new car we always seem to have every good intention in the book, of keeping it clean, tidy and spotless. But day to day living, grubby little hand marks from the kids, as well as mud and sand from shoes always seem to take over. With the busy lives that we lead, cleaning the car ourselves has become a chore for many. Let’s face it we would rather spend our Sundays getting messy and grubby and having fun with the kids and all end to opt for quality family time, rather than cleaning and polishing time.

But without regular washing and waxing, what could be just a quick wash and go tends to need further inspection and a deeper clean. So what happens to a cars exterior that isn’t cleaned properly?

  • Paintwork becomes oxidized and stained without regular care and becomes more dull and flat, making it more difficult to clean.
  • Dirt on the roads contains salt and pollutants which cling to the paintwork and will attack it, causing potential erosion.
  • Some of the harmful contaminants found in roadside gunge can actually eat through some paintwork.
  • Spillages on the roads are one of the main causes of erosion as they attack not just the paintwork but the metal work too. This will only lead to the onset of rust.
  • If your car as nicks, chips, scuffs and scratches, however minor, leaving it unwashed will only lead to further corrosion, as the dirt nestles into the cracks and has a party with the paintwork.

So what does a Professional Valet do to counteract these Problems?

So take our advise, don’t put of getting your car cleaned today!

Harry Price is a Freelance writer from the south coast, who lives with his wife and 3 mad cocker spaniels.  He loves to be outdoors and is also doing something active – anything from running to sailing.

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