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Buying Guide For Industrial Air Compressors

July 11, 2016

Whether you have to inflate tires or need to caulk guns. Whether you have to produce automobiles or manufacture a product, chances are that you will need high quality Industrial Air Compressor to fulfill your requirements. Air compressors are versatile and widely popular. They are more powerful that standard electric tools, deliver high torque and high RPM as well. They are easily interchangeable which allows you to do a variety of jobs with ease. At the same time, they are safer alternative to other sources.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying air compressors for industrial usage.

Know Different Types

Piston or reciprocating and rotary screw compressors are most company. They are further divided into stationary and portable types that can be used from shops to garages to industries. The standard stationary ones usually have larger storage tanks for an uninterrupted usage. The vertical design of these allows them to be used without taking a lot of space.

Portable ones, on the other hand have smaller storage tanks. They are more compact than their stationary counterparts and you can move them to different work areas with their wheels. These are available in several styles, such as round and flat storage tanks called pancakes, compressors with a horizontal design called hotdog and twin-stacks with two horizontal, cylindrical tanks.

Power Supply

Before making a purchase, understand the source of power your Industrial Air Compressor will use. Most common are electric compressors. They are generally easy to use and require less maintenance then the gasoline powered models. They are quieter as well. But not everyone has the luxury to work with electricity based models every day. So, you can find a model that can be run on electric motor as well. Models with gasoline powered motors cannot be used in confined or unventilated areas. They are slightly dangerous to use and require more maintenance than electrical ones.


Looking for horsepower or HP rating is essential. But it is vital to know their cubic feet per minute (CFM) as well. This describes volume of air at specific PSI levels. That in turn helps in determining what kind of tools can be compressor power. Storage tank sizes must be considered as well. For instance, larger tanks are suited for larger tasks that need sustained airflow. These kinds of Industrial Air Compressor can be employed for automotive or manufacturing related works.

Air Compressor Tools

You might want to buy certain air tools as well. This includes rotary tools and grinders, ratchets, nails and staple guns, paint sprayers, air hammers and other products.

Lastly, before making a purchase understand Industrial Air Compressor features available in different models so that you can simplify your job. This can feature oil free pumps, thermal protection, multiple couplers, adjustable exhausts and other benefits.


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