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Buzzing Sounds and Other Signs You Need to Repair Your Water Heater

November 26, 2020

Warm to hot water is a luxury that every home or apartment owner deserves. On cold days, you want the constant assurance that your hot water is available. If you’ve had the same water heater for decades, you may notice strange noises or leaks coming from the old appliance. There are buzzing sounds and other signs that indicate the need for a water heater repair.

Buzzing or Humming Sounds

In most cases, you’ll know when an unusual sound is not normal and indicates a problem. When your water heater is giving off strange sounds, there could be a buildup of minerals at the bottom of the tank. Too much noise is a sign of excessive sediment that reduces the transfer of heat to the water. As a result, the heater may overheat and start to leak.

Surface Is Too Hot

Most people never have physical contact with their water heaters. Some people who do notice that the heater sometimes feels too hot to the touch. Overheating may be the effect of a gas or electrical system malfunction. A simple water heater repair is to turn down the temperature. A more complicated fix, which requires a professional’s help, is to remove the buildup of minerals or repair the pressure relief valve.

Irregular Temperatures

Your water may feel cool when it needs to be cold or warm when it needs to be really hot. This is the most common sign that you need a repair. Your appliance is not performing at its optimal levels, and you’re not receiving the full benefits of your water usage. Not getting the best temperatures is as wasteful as wasting gallons of water.


A common leak forms a pool of water around the tank. The dangers increase if it comes into contact with wires or electrical appliances. Excessive water may cause corrosion, which pollutes the water with unneeded minerals. A leak that is never fixed is not guaranteed to go away on its own. The problem could worsen, causing mold, discolored ceilings or toxic water that’s unsafe to use.

There are noises, odors and leaks to look out for when using an aged water heater. You’ll notice a problem when you see high water bills but feel lukewarm water. Waiting for the problem to fix itself is never an option. Avoid waiting until it’s too late to hire a professional, and contact a local expert in water heater repairs.

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