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Cantilevered Stairs To Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Home

June 25, 2016

Staircases are integral to the structure of an interior. But when it comes to making them designer stairs that are both useful functionally as well as impressive aesthetically, you have a wide range to choose from. Modern designers have staircases of almost all kinds of shapes and designs up their sleeves that are also made from a variety of metals. Among the different types of domestic and commercial modern staircases, there are a lot of experiments going on, to make a creative combination of traditional and modern cantilever designs within your budget, so that you can include the cantilevered stairs as part of your commercial project also.

What is Actually the Cantilevered Stair?

Among the modern and commercial staircases that are popularly used, the use of the cantilever technique is largely made use of. The Cantilevered Stairs have one end of the treads rigidly anchored onto one end such as a wall or even a vertical iron plate while the other end is left free.

  • The cantilevered staircases are what are also popularly known as the floating stairs as they have one end free.
  • They can also have the risers attached to the trade to give the zigzag look depending up the décor of the interior.
  • Cantilevered stairs are available in wooden, steel and also in timber and hardwood varieties, apart from cement and concrete ones.
  • The cantilevered stairs can be designed for both modern homes with straight line designs as well as those that have a vintage appeal with rounded treads and impressive designs from architectural heritages.

Enhance an Aesthetic Appeal of your Home:

Space utilization combined with an aesthetic appeal-that is what you get when you install the cantilevered staircases. Whether you use the plain or the spiral ones, you must inquire about the cost when you talk to the home decoration professionals. The ergonomic conveniences will what will ultimately matter when you start using them. The structural stability and utility are factors that should be top on the agenda while descending any staircases, especially for those with the cantilever projection. It is only a set of sturdy staircases that it functional and convenient that should be made aesthetically pleasing to suit the interiors.

Designer Cantilevers Galore

Most Cantilevered Stairs are fabricated according to the specification of the space and the requirement of the interior as well as the traffic that it will have to endure.

  • Since the cantilever protrudes out of the wall and are supported at one end only, the effective use of materials can give it a unique look. Making use of glass and acrylic, in particular, can give a spectacular effect of the stairs floating in the air.
  • The cantilevered stairs are ideal for spaces that require both air as wellas light to pass through so that the interior is spared from a cluttered feeling giving it a more spacious appearance.
  • For a single flight of cantilevered stairs, you can have the flight left free without any balustrade that will further enhance the airy look of the space where it is placed while also being safe.
  • With the help of architects and the structural engineers, you can also install the cantilevered stairs for a single flight in an existing structure. This will be done by creating iron plates and vertical supports from which the cantilevered can protrude and hide the support system inside the wall.

Making use of conventional materials such as wood within the interiors for making the cantilevered that are free of the risers are ideal for both the modern straight line décor as well as the classical look.  Let’s have look here for more designer cantilevered stairs.

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