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Car Inspections You Should Complete Annually

December 17, 2020

Car inspections are necessary to ascertain the road-worthiness of your automobile. Your car should meet the emission and safety regulatory requirements. Car inspections also help in the identification of any faulty systems and car parts. Here are some inspections you should complete annually. 

Safety Tests

These are tests carried out to ascertain the safety levels of a car. This inspection is carried out in different areas, including airbags, horns, and lights. Safety tests help in recommending components that should be repaired as well. Inspecting wheels’ status and conducting tire services can significantly prevent tire burst.

Air Conditioning

Another significant car inspection that you should complete annually is air conditioning. The heating and cooling of your car can impact your comfort when driving. Inspecting air conditioning ensures all its components are functioning effectively. It also allows for repair work to be carried out. Faulty AC components such as hoses and sensors may be replaced or serviced during an inspection.

Inspecting the Lights

Inspecting car lights is essential to ensure all the lighting system is fully functional. Functioning headlights and tail lights ascertain that the car is appropriate for night journeys. Blinker lights should also be inspected to ensure they are effectively lighting. Functioning blinkers can control road accidents by indicating the direction your vehicle is taking. Brake lights should also be checked. Operating brake lights are necessary to warn other motorists when you are slowing down. They also help in keeping other vehicles at an appropriate distance.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are essential tools in your car. They help in wiping out water and dust from the car’s windscreens. Clean windscreens are suitable for enhanced visibility when driving. Faulty windshield wipers can make driving in foggy or rainy weather very challenging. Proper visibility is essential to ensure your safety and that of other road users.

Exhaust System

Inspecting the exhaust system is appropriate to establish the burnt gases are emitted from your car. The exhaust system helps to maintain combustion in the car engine. A faulty exhaust system will hinder the full combustion of engine fuel. An exhaust system should have its manifold, catalytic converter, and muffle inspected.

Brake Systems

Brakes are a critical component of any automobile. Car brakes are essential during slowing down or stopping. Inspecting the brake hydraulic system is recommended to guarantee car safety. It is essential to check the transmission and pressure of the hydraulic brake fluid.

Finally, inspecting your car helps to determine its safety. It helps to identify car parts that need adjustments or replacements.

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