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Car Washing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

October 8, 2015

Although washing your car is usually one of the most rewarding ways to spend an hour or two, just remember that you could also be wasting that time and even end up damaging your precious paintwork. Of course common sense comes into this but there are some lesser known clangers that you may even not be aware of. But please don’t stress it because this ultra useful life hack article has your back and here is a list of those bloopers that will ensure your car looks awesome so long as they are avoided at all costs:

  • Too much Wax – Just as avoiding wax altogether is not a smart move, laying on way too much of the good stuff is also a bad idea. The whole idea of waxing your paintwork is to add a thin coat that forms a shiny and protective barrier. By adding two coats, you risk losing any shine and the overall effect will not be pleasing to the eye.
  • Dirty towels – Ensure that whatever type of cloths and towels you decide to use, they must be clean. We’re not saying that you need to chuck them in the washing machine between each wash but      avoid using a grubby one because you will end up with a filthy car.
  • Wheels and tyres – If you decide to clean your vehicle top down, you will be making a classic cleaning clanger. Do them first and this way you will not have to worry about getting that dirty grime onto your freshly polished bodywork.

  • Washing up liquid – Okay, this may work fantastically on your Sunday dinner cutlery and crockery but will cause serious issues with your car’s paintwork finish. The powerful detergent contained in Fairy will strip away your polish and wax big time. Choose a purpose made vehicle shampoo instead and leave the washing up liquid where it belongs – in the kitchen sink.
  • Washing in direct sunlight – This may seem like a great idea at the time but it really is not. The sun’s solar rays will dry your soap surface in minutes and those stains will take an age to budge. In the most extreme cases, you may even experience swirl marks in your bodywork. Instead, move your car to the shade and you will get far better results.
  • Rubber protectants and solvents – When the time comes to clean your tyres and bumpers, please avoid using anything that is solvent based because these are not your friend. They can and will      affect both the appearance and performance of your tyre and can even indirectly be the cause of a serious accident.
  • Wax and polish application – Never pour these directly on your car paintwork because this will lead to streaks and uneven surfaces. Always apply with the appropriate cloth and use sparingly at first.

We’ve highlighted the most common car washing mistakes here and offered an alternative for each. So the next time you feel the need to wash your pride and joy, there should be no excuses But if youre still unsure, Talk to a car valeting specialist further help.

Harry Price is a freelance writer living on the south coast.  In his spare time, he teaches english to foreign students, runs marathons and loves to rock climb – Though not all at the same time!

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