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Choosing Office Furniture For Your Workplace

October 14, 2015

Creating a positive, productive environment is crucial in an office. Décor can play an important role in motivating staff and impressing clients, to ensure your premises is an inviting place to work and visit. However, in-keeping with the design of your office must be functional, comfortable furniture.

During your office fit-out or refurbishment, it can be difficult to find a middle ground between priorities such as cost, style and comfort. To make the process easier, here are a few expert tips on choosing office furniture.

Calculate Your Budget

When shopping for workplace furniture, it’s easy to watch your costs spiral out of control. That’s why it’s critical to establish a budget before you begin. Identify how many desks, sofas, chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture you need, so that you can establish a price range for key office items.

Bear in mind that your choice of supplier can make a big difference to the cost of furniture. Wholesalers will offer discounts for buying in bulk, allowing you to get more for your money. Meanwhile, commercial refurbishment companies may have bargaining power to help you secure good deals on bespoke and high quality items.

Interior Design

However, price shouldn’t be the sole factor determining your choice of office furniture. To ensure that your fittings complement your branding and workplace décor, you should identify a theme and colour scheme to narrow down your options. Are you opting for minimalistic results, something quirky and fun, or a classic, sophisticated office space?

If you’re renovating the whole workplace, a commercial refurbishment expert will be able to help you with the interior design of your office. They can also assist you with sourcing furniture that slots in perfectly with your vision.

Prioritise Comfort

A sleek office design may make a good first impression, but to secure employee satisfaction it’s vital to ensure that your office furniture delivers on comfort and functionality. Desks and office chairs in particular should be ergonomically designed to optimise comfort during long days in the office; adjustable chairs and desks will allow employees to find a height and position that works for them.

Where challenges such as limited space arise, bespoke office furniture can help you overcome these issues without compromising on the final results. Office interior specialists will be able to work with your specifications and budget, to find solutions that complement your décor and make your employees feel at home. Where applicable, their expertise can ensure that your workplace meets government regulations too.

Striking the balance between the aesthetic and practical elements of your office refit or refurbishment can be difficult. However, by carefully assessing your requirements and enlisting expert help to find high quality furniture at a fair price, you can ensure that the furniture in your office both looks and feels good for your employees and visitors.

Hopefully now you will feel more confident in making the choices for your office and if not then you can always ask an expert in bespoke interiors.

This article was written by Kelly G Grassam, you can find her on Twitter @KellyGGrassam. A Yorkshire lass who loves great food, inspiring places and the written word.

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