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City or Country Wedding – Let’s Get Comparing!

May 9, 2016

Getting married is such a special occasion, you and your partner are naturally super-keen to get it right. But as with many big life events, the choices and permutations seem to never ending and making the best decision can sometimes seem really tough.

Many couples struggle with choosing to celebrate nuptials in a city or rural setting. Others have strong feelings about getting hitched where they first met, or in places with which they have a special connection – whether these are bustling city venues or bucolic backwaters, it all depends.

City Slickers

Let’s start with the benefits of a city dog. Some couples simply ooze ‘city’. Do a certain attitude and hint of urban edge define you as a couple? Are you more relaxed in a buzzing cocktail bar or night club than a sleepy country pub? If so, a city wedding is probably your preferred choice. For quirky settings, outlandish venues or different dives to host your union, cities are certainly better hunting grounds.

A city celebration works on many practical levels. If you are a London-based the RSVP numbers will sky rocket because it is such a great location for transport links. Whether guests are flying in from abroad, coming by road or rail, the transport infrastructure around London and the south east will smooth their way to your event. Also worth considering is the ease with which people will be able to travel back after the event or hire taxis to their hotels.

A city venue is situated in the heart of civilisation – no dark country lanes to navigate for emergency bouquet wire or an extra waistcoat for the page boy who has had a growth spurt. Knowing you can lay your hands on just about anything you need, takes the pressure off. Sound good?

The accommodation in London is world-beating. From leading hotel chains to B&Bs, boutique accommodation, hostels and Air BnB, there’s much to choose from. With all that competition there are plenty of hot deals for guests to snap up.

If you are a confirmed city couple but can’t find a venue that ticks all the boxes, why not consider marquee hire? For exquisite Marquee Hire south east London leads the way with a host of different sizes and service options. For tailoring a wedding celebration to your exact requirements, a tented bash is surprisingly fluid in terms of the possibilities. So if you are celebrating south of the river or further out in Kent, try marquee hire south east London style.

Country Bumpkins

Many brides picture themselves marrying in rural splendour, wedding photos taken with a backdrop of rolling hills and parkland. Of course, tying the knot in a historic stately home, castle, converted barn or other idyllic setting is where the dreams of many brides begin. To enjoy your marriage in the unique and spectacular surroundings, heading out of the city is often the best bet. Whether it’s the architecture, the gardens, the views or the whole package, the British countryside has much to offer. Many city locations simply cannot rival the awesome good-looks of rural Britain – fact.

When you head out beyond the cities you’ll discover wedding venues specifically adapted for hosting big events like yours. Slick and professional set ups with all the supporting services organised can help make your day a huge success. Of course, such good looks and great facilities don’t come cheap and they get booked up well in advance. However, if you have set your heart on a country wedding it’s a comfort to know that plenty of venues have your needs covered.

Country weddings often come with more outdoor space which can be great if you want to host lawn games and entertainments or if you anticipate lots of children running around. A city centre venue is unlikely to offer such perks, so if your guest list includes a kiddie-contingent, take note.

For an event to stick in the mind forever, a dramatic location is certainly one of the key ingredients to fixing a memory. That tends to argue more in favour for the countryside setting, rather than a run of the mill city bash. But there are plenty of good reasons for choosing both options, so take your time to review what’s available.

So, what’s it to be – city or country? Only you know the answer to that big question, but the great news is, there is so much choice in both camps, you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution…

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