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Clearance Of Land and Its Methods

August 25, 2015

Land clearing refers to the removing of trees and other vegetation from the wooded areas. Depending upon the location and size various professional methods are being used for excavating the land. The main purpose of land clearing is to achieve the acquired used landadjustments and improvisation in the natural resource conservation.

Different Types of Land Clearing Methods are Used:

  • Pushover: It includes the major construction equipments. In this technique, the trees are pushed over the land with the roots intact. After the trees are being located in the centralized place, they are being processed for selling or being grounded for the use of mulching material.
  • Cut and grind: This technique is being processed with cutting down the trees in the same area. Sometimes, it is being carried to a processing location. The stumps which are left over are being grounded for mulching material. Stumps can be carried out in constructing machinery also.

Other Methods for Land Clearing are

  • Chainsaw: this method is carried out for small piece of land. Large trees are being chopped off easily. But the roots and stumps remain intact.
  • Backhoe: Sometimes, hiring an open firm is very expensive then we can opt for backhoe in rent. But keeping in mind that it should have a front end loader which is intact with a rake and a fork. The rake is mainly used for clearing small obstacles, fork for transporting facility and the loader for the digging purpose. It might be dangerous in using a backhoe as it might destroy the soil; for this purpose an operator for using the backhoe can be hired.
  • Mulching: This is traditional method of land clearing. It is cheapest and the easiest technique to use. It will not destroy the soil. Mulching does not use chemicals nor does it harm the topsoil. A new traditional machine does not put much force on the field for this reason it does not disturb the soil. By not disturbing the soil; it enriches the soil by using the mulch which is being achieved by the stumps and the trees.
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