Cloud Storage – New World “Storage” Order

April 1, 2016

The word cloud as a means to explain this new impressive way of computing somewhat perfectly represents the very characteristics of this new technological innovation. Long gone are the days when storage space had actually to be on actual hard disks, situated inside your CPU. The age of mobile computing is upon us, and whether you are with it or against it, it is changing the very characteristics of what digital media and storage space is and what it will become in the near future.

In the new huge plan, we are actually separated from our information which actually makes it more mobile. It seems that the race of creating the smallest ever storage device is over, as this is no longer the goal of most IT companies in this present day, cloud storage is the in-thing at the very moment. Save all your information on storage gadgets on the other side of the world and then access the information from the comfort of your Smartphone, PCs, tablets, work channels and many other electronic systems.

But then, there is a pertinent question on the level of protection and security cloud storage offer to the information saved on it. After all, separating of your information from your personal computer and other IT gadgets really does suggest that they would no more be under your actual control, hence the obvious risk. The idea that their most personal information, e-mails, images, video clips, banking account information and so much more, is stored on distant computer system, far beyond your reach may really be frightening.

This get scarier when you think of the challenges facing present day internet Furthermore, the leads get all the more challenging, challenges such as virus and malware which successfully prevents access to the internet.

Will one be able to ever recover their information if the internet is no more accessible? What about the physical protection of this new way of computing? Could they be relied on with important business and government data? Are they also impervious to hackers? What if someone hacks into a cloud storage system and takes all information saved in it?

Such questions certainly define a challenging perspective towards technological innovations normally. Pessimists may claim that the beginning of the era when computer systems take over our way of life is upon us. They may be correct up to a certain level; however there are few steps which can be taken to avoid the possibility of your information getting in the wrong hands.

First and most importantly, always make sure that you only use well-known cloud storage to store your data. Furthermore, make an investment in a good anti-virus on all systems from which you accessibility your information. This will prevent any risk associated with online hackers taking your password. Furthermore, making sure that your host server uses best security software on cloud storage, as it is the best way to prevent online hackers from getting your private information.

A perfect blend of the preventive measure stated above would really make cloud storage be of use.

One should always go for protected cloud storage with some amount of free space to test their security level.

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