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Comfortable Women’s Shoe Options In The Summer

September 24, 2015

It’s that time of the year when travel is very popular, and regular trips to the beach are always at the forefront of everyone’s minds. For women, it may seem that there are few summer shoe options beyond sandals that will not cause your feet to sweat in the heat. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Here is an alternative to sandals that will keep your feet comfortable in the rising heat.

Sandals Are Actually Bad For You

Most flip flops offer absolutely no support for your feet. This causes pain in your feet that can easily spread to your legs, particularly your knees, and even affect you entire back over time. While there are certainly sandals that have built-in support, unfortunately, they are not protecting you from foot injury should something fall, or ankle injury should you step wrong and lose your balance, rolling your ankle. For women who like to stay active or who don’t have a choice because of their active children, any type of injury as a result of poor footwear can be debilitating both physically and emotionally in a busy time like the summer.


Sneakers are a great alternative to sandals in the summer because they are made of cloth and most of today’s models are fairly light weight. They also easily mould around your foot, and with today’s technology and design, there are air holes on both the left and right side of your shoe to allow ventilation into the shoe to limit how hot your foot gets. For example, a shoe like women’s sneakers remains a popular choice for the ladies because it is an active footwear shoe that is fairly inexpensive, stylish, and comfortable to wear. Not to mention, it also gives you excellent support.

The one thing to be wary of with sneakers is getting your shoe wet and not allowing it to dry properly. The cloth will retain the water and it could require a full day or two to dry completely. If you wear it before dries, your feet and shoes will develop an unpleasant odour and you will likely be uncomfortable.  In these situations, if you find yourself traveling to a beach, you should take off your shoes before nearing the water.

Enjoy a Wealth of Options

Sneakers come in numerous different colours spread across low and high tops designs. That means you can enjoy a myriad of choices for the summer, from neutral primary colours to stylish designs that really stand out in a crowd. This is great for women who have grown accustomed to a variety of style options from their sandals and flip options in their closet.

Whether you would like to provide more protection for your foot or if you simply do not enjoy flip flops in the summer, sneakers are good options for everyone. While they certainly have their disadvantages, they are very popular purchases and their comfort and versatility alone significantly outweigh the small disadvantages they have.

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