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Commander One – Archive Software For Mac and File Management Tool

November 20, 2015

Sure, OS X has a built-in archive utility, the problem is that it is sufficient for working only with ZIP files. From time to time we all have to deal with data in RAR or other archive format, and if you have to do it often, it is high time to look for a third party full-fledged archiver Mac.

The best of such archive utilities is Commander One by Eltima Software. The app extracts 7Zip, TarGz, TBZ, TGZ, tar.lzma, tar.xz and RAR files, and as of now it compresses data in all of these formats, except RAR. However, according to Eltima, RAR compression will be added to the app’s functionality pretty soon. Commander One allows viewing archived data in a folder without having to extract it, you can also choose to extract some files, delete others or add new ones.

Apart from being a powerful archive utility, Commander One is also a great file management solution. It employs classic dual-pane UI and offers functionality missing in Finder, the default OS X file manager. It has pretty much the same functionality as Total Commander for Windows does, so those who just switched from Windows to Mac, will not miss their favorite app much. Commander One allows opening an unlimited number of tabs, offers three view modes and access to local and remote drives.

Here is a list of some of Commander One’s most popular features:

  • Extract archived data, compress it in a number of archive formats
  • View archived data in a folder and manage it without having to extract it first
  • Perform all basic file and folder management operations such as open, copy, delete, move and rename
  • Queue file management operations and execute them one-by-one
  • Search for files using regular expressions
  • Search through files contents
  • Use integrated Spotlight search
  • Switch between three view modes
  • Open any number of tabs
  • Display hidden files
  • Use ‘drag-and-drop’ action to move files and folders
  • Rename and move files simultaneously
  • Assign hotkeys to actions
  • Make use of History and Favorites to navigate quickly to recently or frequently visited folders
  • Choose what program to use to open a file
  • Detect and list network computers

Commander One is also a great FTP, SFTP and FTPS Client that allows changing file permissions. With the help of this app your iOS and Android devices, Dropbox account can be mounted on Mac and you can access their data. Else, there is Dropbox integration feature, i.e. you can link as many Dropbox accounts as you need to and share links to their contents directly from the app.

You can find more information on developer’s site.

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