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Common Conditions In 30-Year-Old Men and How to Fix Them

August 29, 2021

Most people equate young men with large amounts of energy, muscles, and overall great health. Because of this, many men don’t regularly get professional wellness status reports. The problem with this is that even young men are vulnerable to a number of serious health conditions. Here’s a list of conditions men can develop by age 30.

Orthopedic Problems

While they may not be severe, orthopedic issues can begin in males as they reach their late 20s to early 30s.

Orthopedic symptoms can be subtle at first and have the ability to worsen through over extension in everyday activities. These symptoms manifest through back pain, sore shoulders, and knee pain.

One of the best things you can do to prevent or reduce orthopedic symptoms is to lift things carefully. This prevents back pain and spasms. Also, be deliberate in maintaining the right position while lifting heavy loads. Additionally, where possible, avoid carrying a heavy briefcase or handbag because the long-term consequences are quite significant.

If you’re already experiencing symptoms, speak to a physical therapist about what kind of treatment options would be most effective for your particular situation. Whether your treatment involves cartilage repair, or wearing a compression sock for a prolonged period of time, seeking professional help as soon as possible can help prevent your health complications from worsening over time.

Back Pain

Back pain comes in different forms. In some cases, the affected individual might feel a sharp pain for short periods of time. In other cases, the pain might be felt like a continuous dull ache. The problem can be caused by numerous problems including sprains, fractures, repetitive strain, and even disease. If the pain is acute, it can be managed through analgesics and rest. However, in a lot of patients, the pain might linger for longer. Pain in your back can be aggravated due to poor sleeping habits. In simple terms, if you sleep in a position that exerts undue pressure on your back, you are likely to notice increased discomfort. It is advisable to speak with your physio about your sleeping posture. The specialist can provide personalized guidance depending on your unique circumstances. Typically, patients can reduce the pressure on their backs by elevating the knees a little while on the back or separating the legs with a pillow while on the side

Erectile Dysfunction

As you age, your sex drive naturally begins to drop. A scientific study showed that 11 percent of the participants experienced erectile dysfunction symptoms by the age of 30. Everything from a drop in testosterone production to an enlarged prostate can lead to your inability to maintain an erection. Another logical reason for ED is poor blood circulation.

If you’re obese, tend to smoke cigarettes, or often find yourself drinking large amounts of alcohol, it’s important that you quit indulging in excessive smoking and drinking. You should also consider losing weight to improve both your overall and reproductive health. In addition to erectile dysfunction, being overweight can also lead to chronic pain. The back tends to experience a lot of strain due to the weight that it must support. Optimal health can only be achieved when one is closer to the recommended weight. Therefore, speak to a professional about managing your weight. If you would like to get started with a workout routine, choose a tailored routine by the expert to avoid injuring or straining your body.

In addition to physical improvement, you can also work on reducing your stress levels. Psychological and emotional burdens can take a toll on your sexual performance.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Are you a muscular man in your mid to late 20s? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to maintain muscle mass as easily within a few years. The electrical forces binding your muscles together begin to weaken and even malfunction as you age. You may notice yourself unable to maintain balance as well as less muscle mass.

A simple solution is to regularly train your muscles. Regularly training your muscles helps you improve both strength and flexibility. Be sure you don’t overindulge in muscle training or you’ll cause further injury.

Finally, you should review your overall lifestyle and change bad habits which could be exacerbating your condition. If you are fond of wearing uncomfortable shoes, consider replacing them with cushioned shoes that align the body and reduce pressure.

No matter what you do, you can’t beat father time. However, you can take steps toward minimizing and preventing health conditions that begin manifesting in your 30s. Identify any underlying issues your body may be experiencing so that you can thoroughly understand what can be done to improve your overall health. If you lose weight, muscle train, and get rid of old habits, you’ll live a healthier life.

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