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Confidence Is The Best Style One Can Wear

May 9, 2016

The definition of style is perhaps one of the most contradictory things which one comes across each day. Ranging from casual discussions in the subway to serious arguments between teens and more, many seem to confuse fashion with style. What one fails to understand is that style is simply something which isn’t there. It is the approach of a human being which incorporates walking, dialect and obviously differs from one individual to another. But fashion is something hugely different. It may surface as a trend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every individual has to follow that.

In fact the individuality or the singularity of any person is what makes one stand out from the crowd. And one doesn’t need to spend a fortune for that. All one need is a clear mind and a resolute heart to stick to one’s preferences. Following the crowd doesn’t make any difference, but walking alone does. Being said that, it is also true that in present times there has been huge advancement in the field of garments. And despite the misconception of many, men’s wear is something just as diverse as a women’s wear when it comes to style.

According to men’s dressing aficionado Robert F. Burkethe style horizon for men has considerably widened itself in the past few decades. And in the present times, there is no set trend as to what a man should wear to parties and what not. In the era of metrosexuality, style isn’t a constrained thing anymore. In fact, no one has all the freedom of wearing what one wants. But then comes the most important thing. Just wearing something does not even makes for 10% of the style. It is the way one carries it which makes a difference. It is much like having a goatee, either you love it or you don’t.

There is no mid way because whenever you search for that, deep down you will know that you are not satisfied with the style and as a result will lack the confidence. Always know confidence is like a radiance which can make you shine among all the other individuals, therefore if you think that it is not something which shows on your face then you are utterly mistaken. As per Robert F. Burke, confidence is the very stairway to success and there is no short cut!

Also, when thinking about men’s style what one needs to keep in mind is the occasion, the place and the company one will have. If one ever dares mix these up, then it can turn into a walk of shame or a tremendous presence, which again depends on the approach and the body language of the individual. But the one thing which never gets old and forever has been in any men’s style arsenal is a pair of denim. So make sure that you have one in your closet as well.

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