Consumers That Are Abused Because Of Unpaid Debts

August 8, 2015

Threatened with Jail Time Over $48

A horrifying partnership has apparently developed between debt collectors and the office of the District Attorney, as they have teamed up and are now pursuing people who have written bad checks, bullying them into paying those debts. One victim of this partnership was a woman who made a purchase of $48 at a Walmart store and has actually been threatened with jail time if she does not pay that debt. The reality is that this is not an isolated incident because this same alliance is apparently in force at no less than 300 district attorneys’ offices. It has been revealed that debt collection companies are actually sending out letters on a DA letterhead; wherein people that have written up bad checks are threatened with jail time unless the debt is settled immediately. The horrifying reality is that very harsh treatments are dealt out to consumers, even in cases where very small amounts of money are owed. In another case, a woman told news reporters that she was unaware of the fact that a check for less than $48 bounced and this has resulted in a letter from the county district attorney where she was ordered to immediately pay $280 or she would be jailed for a period of one year.

Blatant Intimidation is Widespread

The reality is that the occurrence of intimidation and harassment is something which has been on the increase in the debt collection industry over the last couple of years. Even more worrisome is the fact that even healthcare facilities which are supposed to look out for the wellbeing of patients are now making themselves guilty of abusive tactics. This includes University hospitals, some of whom are being investigated because of complaints received from patients about harassment. In these complaints, it was alleged that extremely ill patients were intimidated either to pay immediately or to risk losing possible medical care. According to research, the debt collection industry is valued at over $12 billion a year. In the US alone, over 30 million people are relentlessly pursued by debt collection agencies and it is becoming increasingly clear that these debt collectors are continually inventing new methods in order to ensure that consumers comply. This is resulting in thousands of consumer complaints.

What can the Consumer do?

Ultimately, the only solution for any consumer will be to find a way to settle all of their outstanding debts. Unfortunately, an increasing number of people are in a situation where it has become very complicated to deal with the mountains of debts with which they are faced. For these people, the only alternative will be to obtain the help of professional debt settlement consultants such as It simply makes no sense to procrastinate and to place you and your family in a situation where you are being harassed endlessly because of unpaid debts. The sooner a solution can be found for your financial situation, the quicker you and your family will be able to resume your normal lives.

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