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Cooling Off: 3 Pet Preparations to Make before Temperatures Plummet

September 24, 2018

Most pet owners know how important it is to take good care of your pet when temperatures soar, but they may not think as much as their pet’s needs when temperatures plummet. Many pet owners may assume that their pet’s fur will keep them warm, and in some cases, they will. But different breeds do well in different temperatures. Some breeds actually do well in the sweltering temps of summer but not as well in the chill of winter. Other pets become more and more comfortable the lower temperatures fall. Whatever type of pet you have, here are some tips to help prep to keep them comfortable over the winter.

Let Their Fur Grow

Some pet owners wisely groom their pet’s fur short for the summer. Other times, however, pet owners keep their pet’s fur short for aesthetic reasons or to cut down on shedding. In the winter, however, animals grow a thick undercoat that helps insulate them against the cold. It is important to let both this undercoat grow out as well as their overcoat. While they may look cuter or shed less with their fur shorn short, they need that fur to protect them from the cold.

Get Your HVAC System Serviced

Many homeowners will get their AC serviced in the spring, but it’s also important to get your heater serviced in the fall as well. Just as your AC sits unused during the winter months, your heating system has also lain dormant for several months. If your heat goes out while you are away from home, your pet has no way of notifying you that they are cold. You can avoid this by getting your heating system repaired every fall to make sure it is in good working order for the cold winter months.

Make Sure They Have Outdoor Shelter

Even if your pet is an indoor pet, you should always ensure they have warm shelter outdoors for emergencies. You may let your pet outdoors and suddenly need to leave or they may wander outside without you even being aware they are out there. If they can’t get your attention, they could be out there for some time.

Taking precautions with your pet is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. The coldest winter climates can be every bit as dangerous to your pet as the highest summer temps. With adequate preparation, however, you can help them sail right through.

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