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Cost of Success: 3 Expense Hurdles for a Growing Small Business

April 22, 2019

Starting up a business is never cheap. There are certain financial hurdles that tend to plague businesses of all sizes, though, and learning how to get past them is a key part of finding success. Below are three of the most common expense hurdles for small businesses.


One of the biggest necessary expenses for a growing business is staffing. At some point, your business will become bigger than you can manage alone. If you can do it all, you may find that it’s worth your money to have a little more time to yourself. Unfortunately, staffing your business improperly can cause your profits to dwindle and put you at risk of losing money. Always pay attention to the necessity of hiring more staff, but don’t hire more employees just take the burden off yourself. Instead, make sure that you only hire more people when it’s fiscally responsible to do so.

Tools of the Trade

There are very few businesses that can make do with off-the-shelf products. At some point, your business will have to invest in certain types of machinery or storage that have to be provided by professionals. While commercial fitout services can seem pricey, they can help you to get exactly what you need the first time. Always make sure that you have a firm idea of what your business needs in terms of tools and machinery to operate, and then invest as necessary. These early expenditures are capital-heavy, but they are the kinds of long-term investments that will help you succeed.


Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you have an online business, you’re going to have to carve out a physical niche for yourself somewhere. This might mean investing in a retail storefront or just a storage space for inventory, but the process of correctly fulfilling your business’ space-related needs is one that is always a bit frightening. Make sure to pick a space that not only works for today’s iteration of your business, but that will work for the near future. Your goal should be to balance the need for growth with the reality of your current cash flow.

The three problems above are common across multiple industries. Learning how to roll with them will not only help you to better plan for your business’ future but also to avoid the kinds of problems that tend to be the downfall of small businesses. In time, learning how to successfully solve these problems will allow you to position your business to overcome any obstacle.

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