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Creating An Effective and Efficient Warehouse Operation

November 13, 2015

In today’s economy, there is no room for mistakes. The more time and effort you waste on finishing tasks, the more your bottom line suffers. This goes for warehouse management as much as it goes for anything else. Most companies focus all their attention on promoting and selling their product. Somewhere along the line, the warehouse is forgotten. When it becomes over packed, most companies think that it is time to move their operation into larger premises. While in some cases this proves to be true, most of the time the company already has enough space, it is just that it has mismanaged and badly used.

First, the relocation would cost your firm purchase or rent money and second, it would cost you precious time. By managing your space the right way, it will buy you more time and allow you to maximize the potential of your current space, taking the burden off your shoulders. It will make your job quicker, and allow the workers to complete more tasks in a day. Good organization equals better productivity; it is as simple as that.

Bellow, you have the list of things you should pay special attention to if you want to create a warehouse operation that will satisfy all of your needs and make your business run smoothly:

  • Product placement

This should be your starting point, because it is one of the more overlooked aspects of any warehouse operation. Begin by asking yourself, how long does it take your workers to reach your biggest selling product? If they have to travel the length of your warehouse to pick it up, then you are doing it wrong. Your number one seller should always be placed nearby and should be the easiest to get to at all times.

  • Vertical Space

On the production floor, space can be limited so every available inch from floor to ceiling of your space is worth using. Pallet racking will not only increase the efficiency of your warehouse, but it will also make the working conditions safer for your employees. It is simple and tested – pallet racking is one of the most used techniques of storing pallets, it is used by majority of manufacturing facilities, retail stores and warehouses. If you haven’t already, than you should definitely invest in a boom lift and make the best out of your available space.

  • Storage equipment

While we are discussing appliances and handy machines, you should know that the need of your faculty will evolve over time. It is crucial to factor this in when you evaluate your storage equipment. Even when you optimize the warehouse layout, there are technologies available that can speed up the work. Take voice enabling for example – these systems are inexpensive and easy to install, they do not require much training and can be applied to all departments, from receiving to shipping. A thorough assessment of the present and future needs of your storage will improve its density and will guarantee cost saving over a long period.

  • Continuous improvement

This point is crucial for your future project planning. You cannot have short-termed goals. You have to examine your operation continuously, over time, new problems will come and your duty is to eliminate them. You have to keep your eye on everything from column sizes to ceiling height restrictions. You have to know where you have room for improvement so that your operation can use space and operate efficiently.

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