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Creative Mom: 4 Simple Sewing Projects To Do During Your Spare Time

September 4, 2017

As a busy mom, you may think that it’s impossible to find time to relax and work on a sewing project that doesn’t involve a lot of prep. Whether you’re an experienced seamstress looking for quick projects you can do on the fly, or a newbie who wants to get their feet wet, we have just what you are looking for below.


There’s nothing like snuggling up to a soft, cozy blanket that you’ve made yourself. A blanket is a perfect project to get you started sewing like a pro. For mothers-to-be, sewing a blanket for your baby is something that your child will cherish forever.

Sleep Masks

Being a mother is tiring, so finding time to take a nap is pure bliss. Sleeping masks are great for blocking out the light, so you can take a quick nap without having to climb into bed. You can make a sleep mask from most fabrics, including yarn.


If you want to personalize your hand-crafted project, you can try your hand at embroidery. Embroidery is when you use thread and yarn to create a certain design on a pillow, blanket and even clothing. You can choose from many different designs like: flowers, fruit, jewels, hearts, and writing. Embroidery adds to the personalization of your project, so when you give it as a gift, it shows that you put a lot of thought and heart into it.

Colorful Bibs

No matter what they’re doing, babies make a mess. From eating to drooling, little ones always find a way to keep you in the laundry room. Some companies, like, know that having plenty of bibs on hand can help with this. Sewing bibs is a quick and easy project you can do in under an hour.

IPad Cases

Tech-savvy moms will get a kick out of this one. How many times have you searched for a phone case only to settle for one you really didn’t want? Instead of paying for an overpriced phone case that you don’t like, why not you make one of your own?. By making your own case, you can choose the color and design you want.

Being a mother doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite hobbies. There are sewing products you can do while waiting for your children to get home from school or on your lunch hour. All you need to do is find a few time-saving shortcuts.

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