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Database Wizard: Intriguing Data Solution Ideas For Your Startup

November 3, 2016

Your data is the most important component of your business. How you handle that data is a critical part of how well your business will do in the long run. Every would-be business owner and entrepreneur knows that there are four areas you need to focus on when starting your business. These are your financials, your IT services and infrastructure, your product distribution and development, and your marketing and public relations.

Accounting and Financial

One of the first areas you want to establish is your financials. There is a couple of newer accounting software solutions that you may want to try out for your business. These are Xero and Wave Accounting. You need to ask yourself what you need the software to accomplish for you. Many of the newer accounting and financial data solutions provide analytics and financial statements to help you invest wisely in your business.

IT Services and Infrastructure Data Solutions

The second and probably equally important component in your startup is your IT infrastructure. Data is what drives your business forward. IT services include establishing a website, setting up databases for storing data and providing a secure connection for your customers. New developments over the past year and half have created a number of IT resources that provide data security and help provide information quickly. Investment in application software like Asana that will create a stable yet flexible infrastructure is prudent. Cloud based web platforms are increasingly becoming the norm for many online businesses in their early stages.

Supply Chain and Distribution

Equally important to your business bottom line is supply chain and distribution of your product and service. Having a good product fulfillment strategy when you start your business will help you satisfy your customers. UPS, FedEx and the US Post office provide supply chain data solutions to your startups. You might also invest in a third party like Kanban Logistics.

Marketing and Public Relations

Getting the word out about your products and services can be a unique challenge. You need to be able to connect with your customers quickly and be able to target them efficiently. Building trust, guarding your company’s reputation and providing accurate and timely information over the web can be challenging for many startups.

Marketing and PR agencies like Kexino provide a variety of web content and advertising services to help your startup thrive.

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