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Different Benefits & Types Of School Badges

By Mary
October 31, 2015

All of us must have worn badges or monograms on their school uniform. A badge is an identification that represents your school and so every time you wear it, you are recognized as a student of a particular school. The school badge stands for the student’s identity and also points out to which institution the student belongs. The badges can be customized as per the requirements of the school.

Badges- What do they represent?

The reward badges convey motivational messages to your classmates, to every student of your school and to families and friends at home. Wearing a reward badge sets as positive example to all the other pupils. There is a great range of badges to be found that has specific meaning and essence, which are different from each other. A badge might represent a sports team in school or it might also represent school subjects. Well, a badge can be personalized the way you desire or design it exactly the way you want.

Read below to know about the different types of badges

The Various Badges for Schools

  • Button Badges– A button badge serves as a fun way of rewarding students and bestowing credit to their achievements. This kind of badge is indeed a long lasting alternative to anything else to celebrate talents of an individual.
  • Bar badges– Bar badges are yet again another great way of rewarding students in special areas. For instance, a student celebrating his or her birthday on a particular day can wear this badge only for the day. There are anti-bullying and awareness badges too which a student should wear to show his voice against bullying and atrocity.
  • Shield badges– These are special types of badges meant for rewarding students for special reasons. For instance, if you are part of your games team or a school group or any school team; then the badge will identify so. Shield badges range many that include Head Girl or Boy badges, Prefect, librarian, athletics team and so on.
  • Sports badges– This is meant to celebrate victory of students. These badges are particularly designed and meant for students to identify them as part of school or team group. The options are many from specific team badge to trophy label badge and so on.

  • Enamel badges– When a student does well in studies and extracurricular activities than the rest, he or she is awarded. A badge is a way of recognizing his or her achievement. Certain designs and geometrical patterns are enameled on the badges to include some events like dance and singing programs and they can also be designed for the class monitors or the prefects of the school. Also, there are head girl and head boy badges available. A leader of an athlete team is also given such a badge to wear.
  • Personalized badge– It is easy to create your own badge if you know how to go about it. There are varied shapes available for badges that include circle, rectangle, a particular symbol, square and much more. You have to know about the measurements, the size, the color, the symbol to be used on it and its overall design; only then you can create your own badge.

Wearing a school badge has many benefits:

  • The badge allows you to enter school or work of place without any difficulty so that you can enter smoothly.
  • Also, wearing a school badge prevents your credentials from getting lost, such as, school bag, books, etc.
  • Quality paraphernalia like a kind of vinyl badges render extra shine to its outer surface.

A badge is a prime identity of your school or an institution. Students should not miss wearing their school badges since it gives them a sense of pride of their school. Just one click here, you’ll get more detail on school badge now.

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