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Different Starters For Aircraft

April 28, 2016

From the lithium ground power unit to a portable cart, every aircraft has power needs and it’s on commercial airports to bring power to them. When a plane lands, several critical things need to happen as quickly as possible:

  1. Staff needs to clean the cabin, removing trash and leaving sanitary blankets and pillows for the next flight. This is especially important for international travelers.
  2. The plane needs a jumpstart, usually applied via a lithium ground power unit. Whether mounted on a cart or in the hangar, power must be supplied to the plane before the engines can turn over.
  3. Passengers must board the plane in an orderly fashion, while luggage and stowaway luggage is loaded into the cargo hold.

In order for airports to maintain a profit, there is a great deal of pressure for crews to do their jobs quickly and effectively. One of the most useful components of any ground crew is the gas electric hybrid GPU. It requires little charging, can boost jets almost instantly and can power on with the help of a fuel source.

Outside of commercial hangars, a portable power supply will do the job for smaller aircraft. These supplies are carried on carts around the air field, to be used as needed. The advantage is that some can be deployed while others are charging, enabling a near constant flow of portable power to anywhere on the airstrip.

If you manage your own hangar, search Start Pac for affordable power supplies that offer portability and efficiency.

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