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Do Not Skip Your Workouts

By alina
October 16, 2015

Sometimes you may face with the dilemma of making the choice of whether or not to head out to your workout. There may be several reasons adding to it, your workout clothes aren’t washed, your friends are calling you to go out for that movie you so badly wanted to watch, or even just you actually feel exhausted and not ready to work out. In this article, we have looked at some of the most common reasons you might think of skipping your workout and turn them around to motivate you to never skip your workouts.

Suffering from a Cold? That is no Excuse Anymore

You might wake up feeling all woozy and have a running nose. Usually, this is more than enough to make you want to skip your workout. However, in recent studies, it is shown that working out during a cold can actually be beneficial. It will boost immunity, allow you to rid yourself of the cold virus and actually help you overcome cold. So, next time you get a cold or start feeling like you are getting one, hit that treadmill and kick the virus out!

Missed Your Workout Appointment? Don’t Fret

You might have been caught up at work or at another scheduled appointment that you missed out on that session you so badly wanted to be a part of at the gym. That doesn’t make up for an excuse. Catch another class, preferably a cycling class or try mixing it up with your own routine for the workout you wanted.

No More Time

This is probably one of the most common excuses everyone has to skip workouts. You and Arnold Schwarzenegger have had the same 24 hours, so no excuse. If he could do it, so could you! Ok, so maybe you do not have access to the same quality trainers and dieticians and workout professionals like Arnold, but think of exercise and your routine as an investment. Some time alone to relieve stress can go a long way in your day.

You are Suffering from Cramps

Yeah, so did Usain Bolt. That does not make him train less now, does it? Pushing through those days when you are feeling cramped up and compensating it with other exercises will be very rewarding. Research says that doing the right exercises can even alleviate cramps and other related symptoms.

You Forgot Your Headphones/ iPod

This might be the cheesiest excuse you can come up with. So what if you forgot your headphones or iPod? It is not a sign for you to quit and go home. Try thinking of all the reasons why you started out on this journey and how far you have come. Instead of giving up, use this time to clear your mind and focus on your goals and what you plan to achieve. That should be enough motivation to get you on that routine.

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