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Doing Your Best In Photography Without Investing In New Gear

September 29, 2015

Let me start by conclusion- there is no need to spend heavily in new gear to get better at photography. A professional camera is a must, yes. But thinking that the latest DSLR of the best brand will help you become a pro, then you are mistaken here. If merely having the best camera could make one a fantastic photographer, then I must say that the industry would have millions of photographers to choose from. But that’s not the case. The camera is just the means, an important means for sure, but still means. The artist brings out the best in the camera; not the other way round. Here are some ways to make the best use of the equipment you have at the moment:

1. Learn until there is No More

Have you explored and mastered each and every feature of the camera? If not yet, now is    the time to do so. Until you know the function of each button, each setting that there is on your camera, do not move on. If you keep switching cameras, you would never be able to fully utilize the functions the cameras offer to you. Even if you have the money, save it until there is no more you can learn from your current gear.

2. Invest in Education

Investment in education is the best one can make. There are so many ways you can gain education through, and some of the mediums are really inexpensive. Make use of free online resources, inexpensive photography books (in relation to a new camera), photography courses, and photography workshops. Reading can really hone your photography skills. Learning through the works of others would not only expand your knowledge but also help you realise the field within photography you are most inclined towards. Books open a whole new world of learning before you. You could learn in depth about so many aspects of photography and could even have your own personal library at the cost of a camera. Workshops and seminars too impart great knowledge and skills to budding photographers. Hands-on experience in such events would help you immensely in your journey as there is always something new and innovative you can learn from different people taking different workshops.

3. Practical Experiences

Reading books after books or attending workshops after workshops would not fulfill the purpose if you fail to apply your learning. Reading can impact your likes and dislikes, but unless you actually do it, you would not know if you really like or dislike it.The best use of the current gear you could do is to click one photo after the other. Experiment with your skills and see what genre appeals to you the most.  Find something that you like and just don’t let that finger stop.

If you are still in the initial stages, I suggest that you join a good photography institute like Delhi School of Photography to learn the know-how of the profession.

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