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Don’t Know Where To Apply Your Event Management Degree?

January 29, 2016

Event management has emerged as one of the most profitable and successful industries till date. It is one of those few industries, that remains for the most part, impervious to the fluctuating economic market. There was a time, when events like birthday parties, weddings and such were arranged by the women of the family or the colony neighbours. However, with the evolving and changing times, this area too has seen some massive changes come to it. The very concept of one having to manage and create events for a living for unthinkable, since it was not thought to be proper profession. Yet, in today’s time, event management is one of the most successful business ventures in a somewhat creative field.

This popularity of event management as a career has spawned many institutes and schools to offer professional level courses in this field. One can find an abundance of event management courses in Delhi with ease. These courses, essential prepare the student to know the ins and outs of the industry and have a basic working knowledge of how the industry works. They touch in detail upon all the different sectors that come under this field and educates the students on how to deal with moments of crisis.

However, there is still a major misconception that a person in this profession is only there to organise the random birthday party, or a wedding and nothing more. Though, this might have been true, a few year back, but nowadays, with the progress that this industry has seen, one can apply their degree to a multitude of other areas. Here are some career options that one can apply their degree to:

  1. Public Relations:

This is a new and unique industry where one can find good jobs even with having an event management degree. One can easily find employment in a public relations agency, since many of them do require professionals to manage and organise events and functions for their clients. This is more closely related to event management than any other, and one can easily make a career here.

  1. Corporate World:

This might seem unusual, but with the growing globalization and inter- linking of cultures, the job of an event manager has become important in the corporate sector too. Many established and prestigious companies are in need of assistance from trained event managers to make sure, that their functions run smoothly and appeal all the guests and delegates that were invited.

  1. Education:

This could seem like an impossible sector to break into, since events and schools generally do not mesh. However, with the changing times, schools too are realising that they need to make the extra effort for their students.

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