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June 13, 2018

Email marketing can be a very efficient way of reaching out to clients, including prospective ones. It is a tool that has proven to be powerful in this age of technology. You, however, have to do email marketing the right way if your efforts are to bear any fruit to the business. A wrong approach could leave you with ignored or deleted emails, or worse, your email address marked as spam. What goal you are trying to achieve and how you structure your emails are critical to success in email marketing. Here are tips that will guarantee you some levels of success when it comes to email marketing;

Always build on your list

No matter how huge your mailing list already is, there is always space for more. Always ensure that visitors can easily sign up for updates on your website. Position the subscription form on the website in a way that doesn’t interfere with the important stuff. Once they are on the subscription list, make the conversation active instead of just bombarding them with information. Send targeted emails and encourage them to respond to them. You never know which new subscriber will turn into a sale for you.

Stay away from the spam folder

Structure your emails in such a way they can pass through spam filters. Stay away from using uppercase formatting, overusing exclamation marks and using statements aimed at raising alarm. Another trick for staying out of the spam folder is to personalize your emails. Give a personal touch to your emails whenever you can. Instead of sending general emails, tailor them to give information relevant to the subscribers’ needs. When the email speaks to them, they won’t report it as spam.

Another way of keeping off the spam folder is to make it easier for people who wish to unsubscribe from your emails. Trying to hold on to them won’t end well for you.

Embrace mobile users

Most people access their emails on their mobile devices. Several studies have indicated that most people reach for their phone the first when they wake up. Failing to optimize your emails for mobile devices could lead to loss of many opportunities. Read tips for creating amazing content on Your Content Shop.

See if it works first

Sending a mail with a link that doesn’t work properly can be damaging for your business. Before mailing your subscribers, share the mail with your colleagues and see if it looks the way you want it to look from a client’s end. Always test before sending if you don’t want to end with an egg on your face.

Keep track of your performance

You can only improve if you know how you are performing. You get to know which areas need a tweak and which ones should stay as they are. Always have the data at your fingertips. It is important to know which email addresses are bouncing back undelivered and what time subscribers access your mail. This makes it easier to tailor your content. Do not, however, flood them with inbox after inbox.

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