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Essential Guide For SharePoint Business Intelligence Training Courses

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July 22, 2015

SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Training Courses by Koenig Solutions are designed to teach candidates SharePoint’s services and their use, customization and extension for the augmentation and streamlining of various business solutions.

Koenig Solutions offers a variety of customized SharePoint Business Intelligence Training Courses that can be delivered as either private, on-site training for groups of three or more at clients locations, or as live, online sessions and tutorials for individuals.

The objectives of the SharePoint 2013 BI Training Courses are as follows:-

  • Collaboration for sharing reports and documents.
  • Connecting business connectivity services with data sources.
  • Using SharePoint in all BI Projects as data source repositories.
  • With workflow permissions and approvals, controlling data sources, BI content and reports.
  • Using Excel, PowerPivot advanced analytics, Visio strategy maps, heat map analytics, etc. through PerformancePoint dashboards.
  • Configuration and securing SharePoint 2010 BI applications.
  • Intelligent Reporting through Office 2010 and SharePoint.
  • Creating reports and dashboards using MS Office 2007 and 2010 and publishing them to SharePoint.
  • Implementation of advanced analytics through business connectivity services and PerformancePoint.
  • Tuning and Scaling SharePoint SQL databases and applications for the support of new loads that are placed on the system through reports, analytics and dashboards.
  • Using best practices for the planning and implementation of SharePoint BI project plans.

The SharePoint BI Training Courses are designed to increase the knowledge of the candidates and make them prime candidates for jobs in the IT Field. The training outline of the course offered is as follows:-

  1. Importance of SharePoint for business intelligence.
  2. Technical Overview of SharePoint Intelligence.
  3. Overview of the SharePoint central administration.
  4. Overview of the Data Security in SharePoint.
  5. Creation and Configuration of applications of Excel Services.
  6. Creation and Configuration of PerformancePoint services and applications.
  7. Creation and Configuration of Visio services and applications.
  8. Creation and Configuration of PowerPivot for SharePoint Services and applications.
  9. Creation of a candidate’s first SharePoint site for Business Intelligence.
  10. Configuration of reporting services for SharePoint integration.
  11. Implementation of business connectivity services in SharePoint.
  12. Development and Deployment of Excel Services and applications.
  13. Developing and Deployment of PowerPoint analytics applications.
  14. Developing and Deployment of Visio Services analytics applications.
  15. Implementation of data refresh in PowerPivot and Excel Services.
  16. Developing and Deployment of PerformancePoint analytic reports.
  17. Developing and Deployment of PerformancePoint scorecards.
  18. Developing and Deployment of PerformancePoint dashboards.
  19. Developing and Deployment of PerformancePoint and SharePoint filters.
  20. Mapping of Strategies with Visio and PerformancePoint.
  21. Developing and Deployment of reports of services to SharePoint.
  22. Personalization of Business Intelligence Site.
  23. Customizing Master Pages through the use of SharePoint Designers.
  24. Control of reports using versions, audits and content expiration.
  25. Management of report approvals with SharePoint workflows.
  26. SharePoint searching for the cataloguing of analytics and reports.
  27. Management and Optimizing SharePoint for SQL Server databases.
  28. Planning SharePoint BI Projects.
  29. Preparation of BI implementation.
  30. Creation of SharePoint projects checklist and kick off plans.

For a complete overview of the course SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Training and its many advantages, visit Koenig Solutions. You can also leave your queries, if any, in the comments section below.

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