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Essential Things You should know about Your Auto Tyres

July 11, 2015

Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. People think using old or used tires may not be a problem. But the danger of buying used tires or risk of driving on old tires are huge. Tires are responsible for creating a balance between slippery roads and the friction that is caused while you drive your vehicle. Tires which are made of good quality rubber and those tires which are indented, last long, as they have more frictional variations. The threads of the tires wear out in about three to four years if the vehicle is driven around 12,000-15,000 miles annually.

Factors that affect the life of tyres

Different makers have different point of view on the life of tires. But there are some factors that can affect the life of the tires. They are:

  • Condition of use

How the vehicle is used, affects the longevity of the tires. More the car runs on highways quicker the tires wear out, as compared to vehicles used occasionally.  The number of repairs and amount of maintenance that has been done on tires can decide their life.

  • Heat

Tires easily age and the quality of rubber deteriorates in places which have too hot climatic conditions. More exposure to sunlight and heat can age the tires faster.

  • Storage

A tyre whether kept in the garage or spare ones placed in the trunk of the car ages slowly. Spare tires kept in the trunk of the car are exposed to dirt and other elements and their life decreases.

Buying new tyres

A consumer will definitely go to a corner store or a chain store to buy new tires or ask for the garages to get one. But you can buy them easily online. It is usually believed that buying tires online can be expensive and time-consuming. It is actually not true, as any corner store may charge more and you pay them what they ask. Online tire-buying is truly an easy process.

Advantages of online tyre purchasing

The Internet offers the following advantages:

  • Websites have easy-to-navigate features that can help find huge selection of tires for your vehicle. All you need to do is to provide car details like year, make and model and list of choices are provided.
  • There is the option to sort the choices according to prices, requirements etc.
  • Tire prices are low online as compared to inflated costs at dealerships.
  • Buyers can make decisions on buying tires by following the reviews given by consumers.
  • You can also find some high performance tires online, which are difficult to get from any store.
  • Most of the online purchasing has no sales tax in many states which is a huge advantage.
  • Some websites perform tire tests before giving them good ratings.

Disadvantages of online tire-buying

Online purchasing also has certain disadvantages. They are:

  • You have to plan everything in advance as buying tires online take many days.
  • Online purchasing is not the place for buyers who are interested in talking to an expert face-to-face before buying.
  • It is difficult to find a trusted local installer online.
  • You can’t see or inspect the tires yourself before buying them over internet.
  • If you ask for an overnight delivery then shipping cost may be high.

It is advisable to determine the age of the tires that you are using or you are going to buy, because aged tires pose risk to the car users. Although used tires are less expensive but you won’t have any idea regarding the maintenance which can be dangerous. Hence maintain your tires and buy new ones when replacement is required. Make sure that the tires you purchase are fresh and they are not kept in stores for a long time as, such products have less life and their warranty period is also less. Visit this link to get more information about tyres.

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