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Everything You Need For Your Next Company Construction Project

April 11, 2016

Any construction project can quickly become a complex and difficult process. It involves a myriad of people and activities from start to finish, so having smart time and money management is important. As any good project manager knows, money management is key to making your next company project run a lot smoother. The responsibilities of the architects, contractors, subcontractors, and even the owner can be organized differently as long as everything falls under intelligent time and money management. Here are four great tips to help make the next project go a lot smoother.

Utilize Provisions and Procedures

It is crucial to make project schedules and contract provisions, so there are clear expectation for what is required for producing, planning, and managing the new company project. Have a clear cut schedule and have duplicates of all forms and contracts made and keep them on file.

Be Cerebral When Resolving Disputes by Expecting Them

Try and set up a system, which will assist in avoiding claims during the project, and pair it with a good mitigation system to use to resolve disputes. A smart mitigation and claims avoidance tandem will use components like reviewing risk areas, and the best way to deal with them before trouble arises. Don’t forget about using a good surveillance program to determine how effective the dispute resolution process is running.

Identify Problems and Risks Before It All Starts

More than likely, problems are going to arise in certain areas of the project, so train staff on the proper procedures. Develop some warning systems and be ready with a system to respond to possible claims.

Utilized Technology to Make the Job More Efficient

An entitlement analysis can be made up with scheduling software to make sure each contractor is performing their duties and on time. Make sure you are supplied with the correct technology and equipment as well. For example, a bulk chemical supplier like Seidler Chemical might be good to have on hand for construction supplies. Go for quality over quantity and get the best bang for your buck with supplies you know will last.

Remember, time and money are the most important things for everyone involved on the project, which also includes any financial backers of the process. Good management and administration of contract time is critical in minimizing or avoiding cost and time overruns altogether. Everyone on each level needs to bbe educated on how delays happen, the basics of delay and schedule analysis, the plethora of schedule and delay methods and important scheduling techniques along with the software used to create the scheduling. Follow the tips and retain all the proper permits, especially anything for industrial chemicals, and the CEC permit needed from NICNAS for liability and additional safety concerns.

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