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Factors Affecting The Choice Of Breast Implants Revision Surgery

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May 10, 2016

Breast implants and augmentation is one of the widely popular cosmetic surgeries in the US and around the world. Women go for breast augmentation owing to various reasons. One might never think of revising the surgery once it’s done but a lot of women can expect to undergo breast implants revision at one point in their lives. The reasons for such decision vary but one needs to understand the ins and outs of the surgical procedure before making a call. Before we get down to those reasons, let’s have an overview of the surgery.

What is Breast Implants Revision?

Breast implants revision is the surgery to make changes in the shape, size, type and look & feel of the implants. It can be performed to enhance or refresh the results of the implantation as well as to address the medical repercussions that may arise after the first implant. The surgery usually takes 30 to 150 minutes depending on the level of revision. Following are some of the factors that can contribute to the decision of revising the breast augmentation.

Perceptions of Beauty

Beauty can never be objectified and its perceptions are very subjective. The perceptions of beauty can vary over time and it is very likely that women who went through breast augmentation before now have a changed perspective about feminine beauty. The changes in those perceptions can compel a woman to revise the procedure to get a ‘perfect’ size and type that fits their notions of beauty and style.

Physique and Lifestyle

It is near to impossible that a person will have the same physique and lifestyle throughout his life. Physicality and way of living keep on changing and women who experience such changes might want to mould their appearance accordingly. If, for instance, a woman had a thinner structure and went for an implant and later gained weight, would want to adapt to that change. One is most likely to choose a revised shape and size that fits their new physique and lifestyle so in that case breast implant revision can help.

Dissatisfaction with the First Round

Despite of all the promising prospects, sometimes breast augmentation doesn’t yield the exact results a woman desires. If someone is discontent with their current state and didn’t get what they wanted after breast augmentation, they might want to revise the procedure to fix the shortcomings. Although such problems are minimized with the latest techniques such as Vectra 3D Imaging which captures images of a woman’s figure with different shapes and sizes so that they can ‘visually’ see how their breasts will look like after the surgery. However, uncertainties are bound to occur so if a woman is not happy with her implants, she might want to undergo breast implants revision.

Medical and Health Repercussions

Medical challenges are one of the most solid and common reasons for women to consider breast implants revision. Among others, bottoming out, capsular contracture, rippling, scars, implant displacement and implant rupturing are the most common aftermaths of breast augmentation and women who experience any of these would like to go through breast implant revision.

Getting the Job Done

If due to any reason, you’re thinking for breast implant revision, make sure you visit your specialist or consult a new one for second opinion. Try getting it done from a board-certified professional in order to avoid further risks. If you reside in Atlanta then you can consider Crispin Plastic Surgery – the company specializes in multiple cosmetic surgeries including implant revision and breast implant in Atlanta. Their qualified staff has the right knowledge and expertise to deal with the intricacies of implant revision and the company is committed to deliver guaranteed results.


The decision of breast implants revision, just like breast augmentation is based on a number of factors. No matter which reason you attribute the most for the surgery, always go for a reliable and board-certified surgeon who is aware of the challenges of the surgery and can fully guide you. A hassled decision can put your health to risk so never hurry in such situation and do some homework before making the final call.

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