Factors To Consider Before Choosing Sheer Window Shades

August 28, 2017

Sheer window shades have been around for many years now and even today, they’re still one of the most sought after window treatment options for homes. You can find all kinds of styles and designs, including  zebra sheer shades that you can put anywhere in your home for a beautiful custom look.

Depending on your choice of fabric, the vanes for these window shades will offer ample privacy when closed but you can also make them a bit more sheer. There are sheer window shading products now that have light-dimming fabrics so they can block out the light from entering the room when they’re closed. Some even offer UV protection so that your home’s décor and furnishings aren’t affected by the damaging effects of constant sun exposure. And even if the vanes are open, it will still filter out most of the UV rays due to its sheer fabric.

Deciding on the Right Window Treatment

It it can be quite difficult to choose the right window treatment our needs due to the changing seasons. You have to take into consideration the weather elements and how it can affect you and your home. This is what makes sheer shades a favorite choice of many. That’s because sheer shades will work, no matter the season. Sheer shades are user-friendly, convenient and are compatible with different weather conditions. These window treatments also look very classy.

You can adjust your sheer shades to peek outside or reduce glare on your television. What separates it from the rest is that each vane is separated by good quality sheer fabric that can prevent the sun’s rays from entering your home if you prefer it that way, and it also gives you some privacy from your neighbors and passersby. This sheer element can also help in letting light inside a room, and can block out heat when needed.

Admittedly, sheer shades cost more than other window shade options. But you also have to factor in the benefits and appeal of this type of window treatment. If you’re looking for window treatment that functions well and looks great, and you’re not really looking for something that will be able to completely block out light, then going for sheer window shades is an excellent choice.

Shades and Blinds – What’s the Difference?

Blinds are basically hard window coverings that use horizontal slats, while shades are made of fabric. Both types of window treatments help you achieve the goal of covering your home’s windows however they have differences in operation, style, price.

In terms of operation, blinds can be tilted if you want to adjust the amount of light that enters a room. Shades, on the other hand, are made of fabric so they can only be opened or closed. Some sheer window shades are made with a light filtering fabric which enables light to come in while still covering your window to retain privacy.

When it comes to durability, blinds are more durable especially if you purchase high quality ones made of hard-wearing materials. But if you plan on picking a window treatment for low traffic areas, then going for sheer shades is not really a problem particularly if you get a quality product.

For insulation, sheer shades definitely win. Blinds don’t do much to prevent outside temperatures from seeping through your home but sheer shades may be equipped with fabric air pockets for better insulation.

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