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Fall Camping Can Be Fun!

October 12, 2015

Camping isn’t just a summer activity. Rather, fall is also a great time to take your family camping. Check out these tips to make the most of your camping trips this fall.

Plan in Advance

According to Tips and Tricks for a Fabulous, Foolproof Fall Camping Season, you can avoid common camping mistakes by planning your trip in advance. Rather than assuming a camping spot will be available upon your arrival, call ahead and reserve a spot. Research the area where you’ll be camping to learn more about hiking trails, available activities, amenities and more. By planning in advance, you’ll close the door on possible setbacks and will also get more out of your camping trip.

Pack the Right Gear

Fall weather is often unpredictable. Avoid being miserable in summer clothes on a chilly day by packing plenty of layers. Clothes to pack should include a jacket, hat, gloves, pants and long-sleeve shirts in addition to your typical summer apparel. By packing this blend of clothes, you can pile on the layers each morning and shed them through each day as the weather warms. As with camping in summer, be sure to pack along all of the necessary cooking gear to make mealtimes more enjoyable.

Stay Cozy at Night

Temperatures drop quickly at night through fall, especially in wooded areas. Stay cozy and sleep better each night in your tent by packing along a few extra blankets in addition to your sleeping bag. This is also the time of year when a campfire’s warmth will be much needed, so be sure to bring along plenty of firewood and the necessary items to start the fire. One added perk of camping in fall is that the moist weather often results in the lift of most fire bans.

Cook for the Season

Comfort food tastes extra delicious during fall camping trips. Embrace the flavors of the season by bringing ingredients to make chili, s’mores, chili dogs, and other favorites. A warm beverage will also likely taste great during the cold mornings, so pack the gear you’ll need to prepare those drinks. Soups are great meals to prepare while camping because you can mix the ingredients in a pot and leave them to heat up while you enjoy the day’s activities.

Choose the Right Location

When it comes to fall camping, you can enhance your trip by choosing just the right location. Wooded areas are ideal for fall camping because they bring picturesque leaf colors and other natural beauty. But, take care not to plan a trip to a location that often experiences early snow falls. The last thing you’d want is to be camping during a snowstorm.

Don’t put your camping gear away just yet. Fall brings great camping weather to many locations. From planning your trip in advance to packing the right gear, follow a few simple tips to make the most of your fall camping excursions.

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