Family Projects: 4 Ideas For Increased Togetherness and Love

September 15, 2021

Having a family around you in your home is one of the sweetest things in life you can possibly have. While being around them might feel great, have you considered that there might be ways to bring everyone together even more? These four ideas for increased togetherness and love might just elevate your family experience to levels you didn’t think were possible.

Update the Backyard

The backyard should be a space where a family loves being together. If it’s not, then everyone should bring ideas about how to make it a place they want to be. Group these together, make a plan, and then get everyone out there one day to transform the space into a place where you all belong.

Home Improvement Projects

Getting the whole family involved with home improvement projects is a great way to distribute the labor. However, if you want to get everyone to love the home more and come together more as a family, then have everyone input suggestions about particular home improvements. Some of the ideas from the kids might be okay, especially if it’s just a new paint color for their own bedrooms. Something like window replacement might need to be handled by adults, but getting everyone to buy-in helps the whole family love their home more.

Care Packages

If your family truly cherishes being together, then you probably long for spending time with those you are related to but not living with. Distance and the global pandemic can both make that very hard. Even if you could physically travel to see them, would it be safe for them or you? If you can’t visit, have everyone work together to put together care packages you can send. Video visits are great, but they’re never tactile. A gift basket including homemade cookies and crafts from the grand kids, nieces, and nephews can bring rays of sunshine into the worlds of seniors shut-in far away.

Work on the Family Vehicles

Pull all your vehicles into the driveway and put some space around them. Write down every task that needs done, and then start drawing them out of a hat. Allow task trading as a game. People can maybe swap for things they’d rather do, and it means kids can clean the windshield instead of change the oil.

Family projects can bring together everyone in new ways that increase the togetherness and love you all hopefully share. Along the way, you can make a difference in the lives of yourselves or others.

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