Fashion and Function: Utility Items For The Well-Dressed Professional

September 11, 2017

With the minimalist movement in full-swing, we’re learning how to select and purchase objects with intention. This mentality especially applies to getting dressed in the morning. Fashion is out, function is in. Luckily, we can have fashion without sacrificing function.

Here’s a list of utility items that walk the fine line between fashion and function.

Minimalist Wallet with Multi-Tool Feature

There’s a new minimalist wallet design on the market that’s half multi-tool, half professionally-streamlined money holder. A simple yet sturdy elastic band keeps cash and cards intact while the multi-tool feature sits in the middle. Some models come with over a dozen tool functions including a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, a wrench, a nail file and a spot along its side for measuring. If you’re thinking that this wallet design sounds like it’s more fit for a handy man than a suit-and-tie professional, you should consider the fact that using this wallet improves the overall look and flow of anyone’s back pockets. With fewer materials in its body, this minimalist wallet design creates less of a bulge when carried.


While it may seem obvious that a working professional might need glasses, however, there’s a lot more that goes into it. Not only do you have to think about prescription and price, but functionality should be considered as well. It’s important that you get a pair of glasses that fit your face well and that you can also use in a variety of situations. Consider working with eye care professionals, like those at All About Eyes, to get the best pick for you.

Waxed Leather Messenger Bag or Backpack

A professional’s go-to briefcase or purse tends to be bulky and heavy, especially on a long day away from the office. A messenger bag or small backpack in a waxed leather and canvas design is a stylish way to cut down on bulkiness and weight. The shape of a messenger bag or backpack is much easier to carry than any briefcase or purse and even looks more modern. Messenger bags and backpacks tend to have more substantial straps than any briefcase or purse. As opposed to other types of leather, waxed leather wicks water away from its surface naturally and holds up through the years. Waxed leather can take a beating through the years and come out looking better than the day it was purchased five years before. Waxed leather is also very easy to clean on the go. This type of waxed leather messenger bag or backpack is available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and prices. A waxed brown leather front panel is a timeless utilitarian look. A waxed navy blue leather can give the messenger bag or backpack a feeling of subdued sophistication.

Leather Business Card Holder

Here’s an item that seems superfluous rather than functional by nature. A leather business card holder is the perfect addition to any pocket or bag. This item prevents professional business cards from obtaining unsightly bent edges while collecting new business cards from potential contacts in one fashionable place. A person who pulls a leather business card holder out of their pocket seems like they have it all together. They’re organized. They pay attention to the details but also to the function of things. This item adds an ultra-professional appearance to any professional social scenario.

With function ranking in as today’s latest trend, it’s harder to incorporate the fashionable side. Don’t sacrifice it by making these utility items part of your daily fashion rotation.

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