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Features Of Neurological Bobath Tables

September 28, 2015

The Bobath idea is described as an ever-evolving approach in the neurological realm targeted towards treatments and assessments of patients. These tables are designed to cure neurological patients, a Bobath table is particularly designed with specifications meant for soothing neurological conditions. With accessible height and favorable dimensional features, the table provides easy access to those patients who are mostly on wheelchairs and have limited mobility.

  • The objective of the Bobath concept is to encourage motor learning skills for patients for effective motor control in varied situations.
  • The endeavor is taken by guiding and equipping patients with necessary skills to help them through the processes of the intended task.
  • To better understand the significance of motor learning and motor control the table helps a lot. Read through to know about the important features of these tables and how they are useful.

Main Features:

  • The table has electrical height adjustment feature. The required height can be set with just the push of a button. This aids the practitioner to feel comfortable when treating his patients and helps him to avoid back strains.
  • Many tables feature electric headrest to allow neurological patients soothing effect for their neck and back areas. However, there are models which do not support headrest and so it depends upon the practitioner on what he wants as per requirements of his patients.
  • The tables are supported with lockable castor wheels made out of heavy-duty materials. This allows to safely and smoothly moving the table from one place to the other with patients lying atop.
  • There is a foot switch on pressing of which allows making the right head adjustment for patients. The practitioner or neurologist attending to patients can do these adjustments without any problem.

Manufacturing Ideas and Frames that can be used to make the Tables:

The table is manufactured with CFC-free foam. This means that the cushion covering the top of the table is devoid of Chlorofluorocarbon compounds that are known to impact the ozone layer with depletion. It is one of these reasons that this kind of foam was banned.

  • The use of antimicrobial vinyl on the upper layer of a Bobath table ensures dispelling micro-organisms to grow on. Thus, with anti-microbial vinyl coating the cushion ensures proper sterilization and safety for patients.
  • Check out the frames fitted on both sides of the tables that are given rust-resistant coating in order to ensure longevity and durability of the frames. This enables to maintain look and condition of the table.
  • Bobath tables mostly come with 5 years of structural warranty. Therefore, before buying you should check if the product guarantees quality for a definite time period.

How to Set for a Favorable Purchase?

  • When considering a favorable purchase, you should check out the weight limits and strength of the table. Particularly, if you own a clinic or you need to order a ward in a hospital, then check out the range of tables so that you make the right choice. It is advisable to order heavy-duty ones that can facilitate large patients.
  • The bedding is another important aspect of a Bobath table. It determines the cost of a table and helps you chalk out a budget. Consider the hardness or softness of the bedding material as per the requirements of treatments.
  • You will find a lot of variants in stores, which range from fully automated to manually operated ones. The cost depends upon the functionality that you choose. Needless to say, many prefer automated tables owing to their easy operation.
  • The objective would be to verify the posture of patients is ideally maintained while he is treated. With convenient adjustments of the table, the physiotherapist finds it easy to maneuver the position of the patient’s body so as to make the right observations.

The ultimate idea is to give right treatments to neurological patients and a bobath table provides that. Visit through this link for more ideas on neurological bobath table.

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