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Finding My Router’s IP Address

May 30, 2016

If you need to link to the web you are unable to do this without having a wireless router. Different ISPs offer several types of wireless routers. It can help you connect to one or two networks. Routers primarily help in redirecting the traffic from the source to the destination. Packets of data are being received and sent though the network system with the assistance of the wireless router.

What sorts of wireless routers do we have?

The types of wireless routers to choose from depend primarily on the fact if you use them at your home or at work. They are generally utilized to assist us to browse the World-wide-web or search files between the many devices which are part of the networking system. One of the most common example used in network are DSL modems which supports in joining the computer. Just about the most professional types of networking systems helps in connecting different networking systems over high-speed optical fiber lines. There are hardware and software centered routers.

More details on the wireless router connectivity

Wireless routers get connected to completely different devices linked in computer network and the information is generally exchanged by using a process generally known as dynamic routing protocol. We could set-up our wireless router through various user interfaces. The various approaches include using a communication standard protocol that contains a firmware and even specializes in letting the exchange of data packets from a single place to some other.

Methods to find the IP Address of Wireless router

As you may already know, probably the default IP of your router is If you’d like to access to the router options page it is vital to find the router default IP. When you know and can find out the Ip of your wireless router or set its settings page, you must first connect to the wireless router. With the help of the IP address, in this situation, you will gain access to the wireless router administration page in a minute. You can consider that the wireless router IP address is identical to a Default Gateway. So as to gain access to web, you will need to configure the right kind of IP in your network or system. If you need to get the wireless router settings page you will need to check whether the Personal computer and the wireless router are hooked up with an Ethernet cable. Typically Ethernet connection is looked after.

Finding the Default ip through the Control Panel

One of the quickest methods to find out the default ip address of your wireless router is to check out the network connectivity. Follow the next easy methods to discover the wireless router Default ip address

  1. Navigate to the Network Sharing center.
  2. Within the connections options, you have to look at the “Wireless Network Connection”. Once you right click the above option, you’ll be able to see another window.- Wireless Network Connection Status.
  3. In this particular window you will observe the Connection status. Select the Details tab when you get there.
  4. There it is possible to look at the IPv4 status. It’s almost guaranteed that there’ll be the following IP address to be a Default gateway.

Utilize the Command Prompt to get the wireless router IP address

  1. Start out the Command prompt.
  2. Within the Command prompt you have to type this particular command – IPCONFIG. After you stop entering the command, you can click the Enter key.
  3. The default wireless router IP shall be displayed as a Default Gateway.

Examining the default ip of your wireless router is one of the simplest ways to do. On the other hand, there are very few things you should be sure that you take into account before checking each of these options.


With regards to connecting to the World-wide-web, routers are most valuable. You can configure your router in a number of other ways, based on things you need. Also you can find different types of wireless routers in the market, as a result its setup also depends upon what type of wireless router you’re using and just how you’d want it to be set up. In this article we have talked about two of the most straightforward paths to find your router Ip address.

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