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Five things having major effect on website’s credibility

By GokyB
September 22, 2015

The Internet has reshaped the way we conduct business: online companies now exist in great numbers, and goods of services which worth millions of dollars are sold and bought on the Internet every day. But the competition is enormous: it has become a dogfight for establishing yourself as the best player in the business. And one of the ways to do that is to build a credible website, something which shows you are competent and ready to do business; those companies whose websites users recognize as trustworthy are the ones which ultimately succeed. And we bring you the list of five things which will make your website credible.


Positive community feedback

Social networks are the foundation upon which you will build your credibility. Nowadays they are the simplest and the most direct way of communicating with your clients and other interested parties. Make sure your accounts updated regularly, that you post quality content and always respond to any inquiries in a fast and polite manner. People will recognize this and give good feedback and establish you as a trustworthy and credible player in your field. Keep up with this and the news of you will spread both offline and online, attracting new clients and keeping the old ones.

Stable SEO rankings

SEO, or search engine optimization, is something that a lot of businesses overlook (especially the smaller ones) – and which makes them lose a lot of money. When people (your potential clients) need something that your company can provide – whatever your field is – they will start their search on the Internet; on search engines like Google, for example. By typing in keywords related to your field they’ll get lots of results of different companies of that field. But the ones appearing first on the list will have the obvious advantage – they seem most prestigious and credible (as they appear on the first page of search results) and most clients will go for one of those companies. By investing in SEO and advertising your website on the Internet, you can get and keep good SEO rankings which will make your website come up among the first in its field.


Label yourself as an expert

Establish a blog part of your website where you will write about your field; offer comments, give your opinion, show that you are experienced in what you’re dealing in. Publish articles and cover major events in the field: show that it is your passion, not just your job. If you ever received a quality award for your work, put it up there. If you have any recognized experts working in your company, state so. Your reputation will go up the roof and your business will flourish.

Show your human side

People will trust you more if you show your human side: post a few photos of your staff, short biographies, or something about your hobbies. Engage in casual conversations (especially on Twitter and Facebook). Sometimes you can even post something unrelated to business; something interesting or funny. Make sure your phone number, e-mail address and a contact form are clearly visible on your website to show you’re eager for interaction. That kind of an impression means a lot as people connect with people, not with products or services they’re selling.

Reliable servers and hosting service

According to European-based hosting 90Systems experts, getting a decent hosting is an absolute imperative: it doesn’t cost much and it guarantees almost constant uptime and user support. If you’re a professional who takes his business seriously, stay away from any free hosting providers: using free hosting usually means that you’ll have unrelated ads popping up at your site, and some downtime issues will happen every now and then. But having a website which users can always reach fast and simple tells a lot about your credibility.

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