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From Migraines to Arthritis: 4 Types Of Pain CBD Tinctures Can Help Soothe

July 2, 2020

CBD is one of the most impactful healthcare supplements to have hit the market in the last several decades. Since its original medical application for treating seizure disorders was discovered in the early part of the century, research has continually discovered new applications for the compound.

The acronym “CBD” stands for cannabidiol, the name given to one of over a hundred cannabinoid compounds that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. The efficacy of CBD’s activity in the body for the treatment of various health conditions is due to its activity on the endocannabinoid system, an important component of the nervous system that conducts signals for a wide variety of activities, including pain regulation.

In 2020, more and more pain patients turn to CBD as a healthy, natural, non-addictive alternative to heavy-handed pharmaceutical pain-killers such as OxyContin that have led to the ongoing opium epidemic in the US.


Migraines headaches have proven difficult to treat as a result of the medical community’s inability to pinpoint the exact cause in many cases. There is some evidence that a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors contribute to migraines. Nonetheless, developing a successful, across-the-board treatment modality has so far eluded medical researchers.

Despite the lack of scientific study into the potential treatment of migraines with CBD, widespread anecdotal evidence indicates that many migraine patients benefit substantially from CBD supplementation in terms of reduced pain intensity during migraines.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can result from athletic injuries, car accidents, falls, or other types of physical trauma. It can be extremely debilitating, as anyone with chronic back pain can attest to. Many patients find extensive relief from their chronic back pain using CBD.

Idiopathic Pain

The term “idiopathic pain” refers to pain that does not have an identifiable source in the patient. There is no detected underlying disease or physical trauma that explains it. Because the cause is unknown, many idiopathic pain patients struggle to find relief. A high-quality antibacterial CBD tincture could be the answer these patients are looking for.


Arthritis is one of the most common types of recurring pain in Americans. It is caused primarily by inflammation that affects the joints. It is classified as an autoimmune condition because the body’s natural defenses against disease mistake healthy tissue for an invading pathogen and attack it, triggering the inflammation that is the telltale sign of the condition. CBD is a well-known and highly researched treatment option for arthritis.

If you’ve been impacted by pain but have been unable to find the answers you are looking for with conventional painkillers, consider giving CBD a try. Talk with your doctor about what to expect and what CBD treatment options are most likely to be effective for you.

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