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Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel Review

February 29, 2016

The Good: This amazing espresso maker is one of the most demandable products in the online market, which is rated highly and has some of the best feedback from the customers. It is one of the durable constructions which last for a long period of time and customers need not have to invest their money over and over again in the product. The fantastic milk frothing capacity and ability to create great espresso is some of the added advantages which make the product one of the best products in the market.

The Bad: The designing of the product, is such that customer has to work a lot on cleaning of the product. Hence once you have removed the water tank, then you will have to further disassemble the other parts, to ensure that they are cleaned effectively. While this product is considered to be appropriate for making espresso, but still it is not a perfect one and hence customers often look for other better products in the market.

The Bottom Line: As discussed, although the product is reliable and long lasting it is not considered as the best product for making espresso. However for individuals who are looking for a good and reliable coffee machine, then it is probably the right choice to make. Moreover, customers looking for these products can easily get them online and thus make the most of it for making that perfect coffee for your family, loved ones or guests.

Features and Functions of Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Once you have added this amazing coffee machine to your kitchen, then you can be sure that things would be much more sorted at the place and would give the classic look. The machines measures approx. 14.5 x 8 x 9 inches, and a 75 ounce removable water reservoir, which is conveniently to use and store.
  • The classic look of the product has been well maintained, which has a rocker style display. The power switch is placed on the left, and along with it lays steam and brew switches is placed towards the middle and right. The indicator light on the boiler gets turned on once optimum temperature is reached.
  • Before the water is able to steam there is a waiting time of 35 seconds. This waiting time, although cannot be compared with double boiler machine. On the other hand, half a minute is not a big thing and customers can choose to wait and then have a taste of a good coffee. The taste of creamy can thus be achieved with this machine, without waiting much or compromising anything in terms of money or quality.
  • Brass port filters and brass group head are used for manufacturing the machine such that temperature stability can be enhanced.
  • The boiler is made of aluminum which is highly conductive and is fixed on the sides of boiler, which is quite useful and prevents any kind of corrosion which might happen because of direct or indirect contact of water.
  • The pressure within the machine immediately gets released once the pump is turned off. Further, water from the brewing slot is moved towards the drip tray and results in dried puck and lesser cleanup which also provides benefits to the user. Because of this, customer need not have to rinse it over and over again, thus keeping the product well maintained for many years to come.
  • The removable water reservoir can be easily refilled from the top, without much intervention required from customers.
  • The quality of the product has been enhanced with the use of brushed stainless steel instead of nickel products, which is one of the major quality additions done by the company towards the coffee maker.
  • It contains 17.5 bar pump, forthing wand, high voltage boiler and also a water dispenser which enables the customer to use the product efficiently and effectively.
  • The purchase of this machine brings along with it, single and double shot stainless steel filters, scoop and tamper.
  • The coffee maker is of commercial quality, however the best thing is it can be purchased at affordable and best prices in the market.

Thus from above mentioned facts and features, it is well understood that this coffee maker is a great choice to make and can be chosen as a coffee maker product of your kitchen.

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