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Garage Door Openers: Best Left To A Professional

July 25, 2016

A garage door opener will generally last a long time however that doesn’t mean that they will not need to be repaired. There are three types of garage door openers which include, belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. The most commonly used and most cost effective one is the chain drive opener. There are several ways that a garage door opener can malfunction and the components are generally easy to fix. While many people have recently turned to fixing things on their own, when it comes to garage doors and garage door openers, it is often better to look to the expertise of a professional. A professional, like those at The Door Master, can inspect the opener for what is causing it to malfunction and fix it promptly.

Types of Garage Door Openers

The first type of garage door opener is the belt drive. These are the quietest garage door openers and they operate in a similar way as the chain drive openers. They tend to be a little more expensive for the lack of noise they provide. Then there is the screw driver opener, which is fairly a new concept. It operates along a threaded steel rod and has a small amount of moving parts that could get damaged. This type of opener is also quiet, but not as quiet as the belt drive opener. Lastly, there is the chain drive opener. If noise is not an issue and price is, this would be the opener for you. While they are somewhat noisy, they are much quieter than they were in there early days of use.

How a Garage Door Opener Works

Garage doors didn’t used to have a mechanism that would open them for you. You had to get out of your car and pull the door open yourself. With time, an opener was invented to lift the door open, making the whole process easier for you. With this however, comes the need for repairs. Most garage door openers last a long time, but certain parts of it can need to be replaced.

What can go Wrong?

Newer openers will have a sensor that makes the door open back up if something gets in the way. Also, there are gears in the chain drive openers that can wear down and cause the door to not open. If a door doesn’t close all the way, if it doesn’t open all the way, or if it opens right after it finishes closing, the limits may need adjusting. Also, if the control for how far the door opens and closes is not correct, it can cause the rails that the door travels on to bow. The most common problem with openers is the gear wearing out. All of these fixes could be done alone, however there is a strong possibility that something could be done wrong. This is why it is more beneficial for the sake of your garage door working properly, for it to be handled by a professional.

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