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Get The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape

February 23, 2016

Beards have been a prominent feature of some famous men in history and society. Think Abe Lincoln. Hulk Hogan. Grizzly Adams. Che Guevara. Mark Twain. Charles Darwin. King Edward III. They are just some of the men from different periods of history who totally rocked facial hair. As evidenced by these men, the popularity of beards rise and fall throughout the years, until they have become a fashion statement, a classic accessory that never goes out of style. Only, a guy has to know which style flatters his face before going full force on the beard.

Different men come in different shapes and sizes. The shape of your face determines which style of beard will suit you. Not every guy will look as good as Che Guevara in his scruffy beard and moustache combo. You have to know what your face shape is, before deciding on a type of beard.

The ideal face shape for men is the square shape, followed by the oval. So, the goal of your beard is to achieve the illusion of having those face shapes. A properly sculpted beard will help you do that.

Here are some tips and tricks to guide you in your quest for the perfect beard from beard experts.

The Square Face

A square face has sharp, prominent angles and a square chin, a strong jawline and broad forehead. The goal of the beard for this type of face is to enhance the jawline, or soften it a little if it is too strong. To achieve this, your beard should be short with strong lines if you want your jawline enhanced, or a scruffy one that will softly accentuate the jawline. A goatee and moustache will also work well for you. Keep the hair on the chin area a bit fuller, and shorter on the sides of the face in order to elongate the face.

The Round Face

The round face has full cheeks, with equal width and length of the face. The goal of a beard for this type of face is to create a slimmer appearance and make it look oval. An ideal beard for this shape is a neatly trimmed one with hard lines and a squared-off neck line. This gives the face a longer and slimmer silhouette.

The Oblong or Rectangular Face

This face shape is slightly like the oval shape, but longer and somewhat narrower with a pointed chin. The goal of the beard for this shape is to make the face look a little squarer and shorter. This can be achieved with a close trimmed beard and moustache with fuller sides and shorter bottom. Stick to a neatly trimmed beard or scuff.

The Oval Face

This face shape has a wider forehead and a narrower chin. The face length is around one and a half times the width. Basically, most beard styles will work well with this face shape. Try a goatee, moustache, scruffy beard or full beard or a combination of these. Your style will determine what shape will work well for you.

These are just the basic guidelines for a beard shape that will flatter your face shape. If you want to go ahead and try growing a beard, go shaveless for a few months and have a professional beard trimmer do the styling for you so that you do not make the mistake of trimming too much until there’s nothing left to style. A professional can do the initial styling for you, and you can then get some tips on how to trim and maintain the style you want.

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