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Google’s AI Can Write Poetry

May 30, 2016

Engineers at Google have been busy in the last few months. They have been feeding their AI thousands of novels, most of which are romantic in nature. After a few months, they decided to test out what their neural network has learned. It turns out that the AI can write some dark stuff; some of them would indicate that the AI is very sad.

How it Worked?

Over a course of three months, the AI was made to read three thousands of some of the best romantic novels in the world. After that, the engineers decided to test if their AI had learned anything. They fed it with the first and last sentence and asked it to come up with filler content for what would come in the middle. According to the latest Tech News, everything went as planned.

What is the Purpose?

Google is a giant company whose primary business is being a search engine. In the near future, they hope to launch an OS for desktops based on their browser, Chrome. They are hoping to stay profitable by staying ahead of the latest market updates.

The main mode through which they make money is by advertisements. Each time someone clicks on a link, Google makes some money, which is millions of clicks every day worldwide. However, it is a bit more complex than that. The company needs to ensure that their advertisements are reaching the right kind of people.

In order to do that, the entire process needs to be automated. That means a machine should read your profile and be able to determine what it needs to tell you. However, a human being is more likely to be accepting a message if they feel it comes from a human source. This will lead to more conversions and more business.

However, the company also realizes that people from around the world do not talk the same. As a result, something that might be appropriate in one region might sound wrong in another region. They hope their AI can be able to notice these subtle differences in speeches from people around the world.

Why to Use Romance Novels?

They used romantic novels because these are books that talk about a common issue. However, they do so in their own unique words. The company employed a team of linguists and engineers in order to develop these novels. They wanted the AI to understand that it is still possible to say the same thing but in different words. This is an essential part of creating an interactive AI in future.

Usage of AI

As of now, most people who use Google email addresses receive about ten percent of all replies in automated mode. This is a huge chunk when you consider how much mail is sent every day. In addition, most apps used today are programmed to give automated replies.

Most of the replies that are given through these apps are usually lacking personality. At times, they can be quite confusing to the users. Google see huge potential in this sector. They hope to ride this wave of automation that is currently taking over the world. They also intend to use this new AI in their own navigational app Goggle maps.

Better replies in inboxes and apps could have huge potential. It could lead to more conversions as consumers become convinced they are chatting with a fellow human being. Most studies indicate that people will respond better to a marketing campaign if someone gives them a personalized response. In short, they hope the AI can give the same response but using different wording each time.

What does the Future Hold?

According to the latest Tech News, Google has huge dreams for their AI in future. As of now, accessing the internet requires a physical device. However, this might not be necessary in the future.

This is what the current Google leadership is banking on; they hope to be part of the future. In that time, they predict the use of AI will have become more widespread. In addition, they predict that processing power will have gone up significantly. This will allow people to interact with AI in a more personal way than they have previously done.

As a result, the concept of a clunky device that we carry in our hands will have changed a great deal. Google is already planning for this increased processing power of the future.

The more time you spend interacting with it, the more data the tech company can generate about you. The company’s latest attempt seems to have borne fruit. Although the poetry will not win any awards soon, it is still quite impressive that a machine did it.


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